Clerks Turns 20 but We Get the Gifts


I am still in full denial that Kevin Smith‘s first film, Clerks turns 20 this year.  That is half of my life.

I’m also not the only one to tell you that when it hit theaters 20 years ago it encompassed all that I was (a student who also happened to be a convenience store clerk.) I wanted to show it to everyone that I knew. I wanted them to understand what the overnight shift at the 7-11 looked like.  I totally got the salsa shark. In fact, I got it all, and I still do.


So, as a 20th anniversary gift to all of us Clerks fans, vinyl fans, Kevin Smith fans, and 90’s kids, the Clerks soundtrack released this month on vinyl complete with snippets of dialogue from the movie… “I’m not even supposed to be here!

The soundtrack features songs by bands that scream 1990’s alt rock, like Alice in Chains, Bad Religion, Soul Asylum, the Jesus Lizard, and Stabbing Westward among others (but anchored by Supernova’s Chewbacca – what a Wookie) if you ask me. What’s more Kevin Smith than a grunge rock Star Wars anthem?)



Thank you Kevin Smith for putting on film what that time in my life was like, and what it was like for a lot of my friends as well.  It wasn’t just that overnight convenience store experience, it was also the video store life that the current generation misses now. Clerks embodies what the 90’s was for us, and what we felt. Full of angst, promise, and certainty that we knew better. It is a love letter to us, so we thank you.


Source: Rolling Stone



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