NYCC 2014 – Day Four – Family, Friends, and Fun


Four days of nerdvana came to a close earlier today.  Comics, TV, movies, video games, cosplay and all sorts of fun was to be had, as over 100,000 fans came out for Family Day at New York Comic Con.



A sea of humanity, seeking out the latest in geekery.


It was a low key day for me, after a late night out, celebrating friend of Geeksville Aleta Pardalissecond place finish in the TV and Film category in the Eastern Championships of Cosplay.

Black Canary Bombshell Pint Glass

Love me some Ant Lucia

Other than that, I spent a good portion of the day wheeling and dealing on the show floor, and I went home with plenty of swag.   My favorites include a trio of rare Daleks/Doctor two packs from the 5″ Character Options line, and some awesome pint glasses featuring Ant Lucia’s DC Bombshell versions of Wonder Woman, Black Canary, and Stargirl.

Of course, no trip to Comic Con needs to include a trip to Artists’ Alley.  Where I picked up some great pieces, my favorite being a very fun cartoon print of the classic Justice Society of America by Kevtoons (even though it was missing Ted “Starman” Knight.

Of course there was plenty of cosplay on hand, with some really talented costumers showing off their work.  Want to see all the pics, check out the Exiled in Geeksville Facebook page.  We had hard time, but we finally picked our…

Cosplay of the Day


It’s not the costume she wore in the Eastern Championships of Cosplay, which was awesome, But Aleta Pardalis’  Steampunk Death costume, (especially paired with Delirium) is also pretty awesome.



Is she an Angel? A Demon? An Opera Diva? I am not sure, but those wings are pretty awesome


I am not sure if this is an original creation, or a video game character, but this monster Angler Fish was pretty impressive.











Loki’s got a secret, can you guess?


The King of Wakanda and Avenger, Black Panther











Pops, Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show. I don’t really get the show, but these costumes are pretty cool.

This little Dinobot is ready to rock















See you next year, New York Comic Con.
Geek, out!

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