DC Film Slate Announced at WB Investor Meeting, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and 2 Justice Leagues in the Works.


Get your popcorn, and a really big drink, because there will be at least a dozen DC Entertainment movies between now and 2020.  Also coming are more Lego Movies, and three films in the Harry Potter spin-off series Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Announced today to Warner Brother shareholders by WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara during the company’s shareholder meeting.

2 films a year, beginning in 2016 with Batman v. Superman Dawn for Justice, have been confirmed to be in development over the following 5 years.



image from WB/Deadline


2016  – BvS, and The Suicide Squad.

batman-vs-superman-will-shoot-in-detroit-michigan-headerA Suicide Squad film, while always in the mix, there had been very little chatter about it actually going before cameras this soon.  Most folks (myself included) figured the Shazam! movie, featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, would be the movie joining the Man of Steel follow-up in theatres in 2016.   According to Tsujihara, the project has four A-list stars in talks to star in it, and directed by David Ayer, Tsujihara called it “a gritty story of a team of supervillains who take on black ops missions for the U.S. government.

2017 –  Wonder Woman (atarring Gal Gadot) and Justice League Part 1, (directed by Zack Snyder)

WWbannerA Wonder Woman film was always in the cards, with Gal Gadot reportedly given a three picture deal to play the Amazon Princess.  It’s confirmation on the schedule has DC/WB beating rivals Marvel to getting a female fronted superhero movie to theatres first, or at least officially announcing it first.  Which is good.  If there was a character that deserved to be the first, it’s Wonder Woman.

The Justice League film will feature DC’s Trinity, this time working together, and will probably feature a few of the other heroes being developed by Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment.

2018The Flash (starring Ezra Miller) and Aquaman (starring Jason Momoa)

The Flash series just launched on the CW but the film being developed won’t be connected to the series, but instead will star Ezra Miller, of Perks of Being a Wallflower fame, and Aquaman casting of Jason Momoa is now official.

2019Shazam (with Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam) and  Justice League 2.

Dwayne Johnson’s schedule must be pretty busy, since it will be 4 years until the Shazam movie, which promises to be lighter in tone than other DC movies.

2020Cyborg (starring Ray Fisher) and Green Lantern.

Ray Fisher will appear as early as Batman v Superman as Vic Stone, though it’s not confirmed exactly when the accident will take place that will lead to his rebuilding into the Steel Centurion, Cyborg.  Before the Justice League film or maybe during the 2017 JL film, before debuting in the sequel in 2019.

Tsujihara also confirmed that the studio is working on stand-alone Batman and Superman films, although no release date was mentioned for them.  Nor was anything said about the Joseph Gordon-Levitt helmed Sandman feature in development.

Also announced are three Lego Movie follow ups, including a Ninjago Movie in 2016, a Batman Lego Movie (not sure if it will be based on the video games, or the Lego Batman from the first movie) in 2017,  and the Lego Movie 2 in 2018.

Source  Deadline/WB Investor Meeting

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