Titans Come Together for TNT

We hadn’t too much about the possible live action Teen Titans series being developed  by Executive Producers Akiva Goldsman and Mark Haimes lately.  That changed this morning, curtosey of the good folks over at Nerdist News this morning, where they announced a possible look at the Nightwingteam line up.

It’s reported that the show will draw inspiration from the classic 80’s version of the team by comics legends Marv Wolfman and George Pérez.  The early line-up certainly attests to that, but there are a few surprises thrown into the mix.  Though it does seems that it will also draw on the more soapy aspects of the later Titans (not Teen TItans) series of the early 2000’s.

The show will focus on Dick Grayson, who has left Gotham for Boston of all places. After splitting from Batman, Grayson will still be using his Robin persona at the beginning, but a change to Nightwing is sure to be in the cards early on.  He’ll be working as a Detective in Beantown

Joining Dick will be frequent partner, but never Titan, Barbara GordonBarbara GordonWhile not using the Oracle codename, this will be the wheelchair bound, computer hacker version of the character, not the cowl wearing crime fighter.  Dick and Barbara have a long history, as  both crime-fighting and romantic partners.  Both of which will bound to be explored.

Also part of the team will be Titan roster fillers Hawk & DoveThe duo will be Hank Hall and Dawn Granger, the most recent pair to use the names.  Nerdist reports that the pair will be romantically linked, like their comic counterparts, but not to expect them to resemble the four-colored versions.  The duo was also linked to Barbara Gordon’s Birds of Prey team at one point.

Also appearing in the pilot script are Raven, the Rachel Roth version from the 2000’s run by Geoff Johns and  Koriand’r the Tamaranan Bombshell, better known as Starfire.  Both characters were key parts of the Wolfman/Perez team, as well as being featured in the Teen Titans/Teen Titans Go! animated series (which featured much younger versions.)

Nightwing and Starfire were romantically linked for a long period of Titans history, making it all the way to the alter, before the wedding was interrupted (by a demon possessed Raven, in New Titans #100).  This will certainly set up some interesting dramatic possibilities involving the former Boy Wonder and Batgirl,  but I do hope that the writers resist the urge to do a straight-forward (and boring) love triangle.

Teen Titan fans may notice that there are a couple glaring omissions from this line-up.  Cyborg and Beast Boy do not appear to be part of the series.  With the character about to break in to public conscience as a member of the League, Cyborg may have not been available to the producers.

Cable newtork TNT is a sister network of the CW, and while not being produced by Greg Berlanti, it doesn’t not completely rule out a possible crossover with the Arrow-verse shows.  All three franchises (Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl) have characters with Titans connections. Arsenal was a founding member of the Titans, and has led the team on various occasions, including one version that featured Supergirl.  Both Kid Flashes, Wally West and Bart Allen (neither of which have been hinted at on the CW’s Flash) have been on the team.  Wally was even a Titan after rising to the mantle of the Flash.

Titans hasn’t been picked up as a series yet by TNT, it only has a pilot order.  If the show goes in to full production, things may change, and the longer the series runs, the more chances it will have to introduce other members.

What do you think?   Is this Titans team one you will tune in each week to see?

Source:  The Nerdist

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