Behind the Scenes of that Doctor Who Proposal!

A few days ago, we told you about the time Christopher Eccelston, played the Doctor to help a man propose to his girlfriend.

Well, we did some asking around, and got to talk briefly with Mary, who was the lucky young woman in the video.  Mary, who is from Ohio, told us how The Doctor made it possible for her to get engaged to her boyfriend, Neal while visiting New York City last year.



The Doctor congratulates the happy Bride-to-be


My Mom, sister and I had taken a weekend trip to NYC to visit my brother and sister-in-law who live there. ” Mary told us.   While in New York, the also visited with family friend, Carrie Coon (Gone Girl). Coon was making the HBO series The Leftovers in New York at the time, which also stars Eccelston. “My sister and I are both huge Doctor Who fans so we were so excited when we found out that Carrie was going to be shooting a TV show with The Doctor!” 

What Mary didn’t know was that Neal, Carrie, and her sister had a plan. “As far as I knew, she had arranged for us to visit the set of The Leftovers while we were visiting New York and there was a possibility that we would get to meet Chris while we were there” she revealed.  “I had no idea that Neal was in town! He flew in without me knowing anything about it…  I thought we were just having lunch before heading to the set, and that is obviously where the video begins.



Little did I know that Carrie, Neal and my sister had been plotting the surprise engagement behind my back for months.  Carrie had spoken with Chris a few weeks prior to see if he would be willing to help my fiancé out, and he very graciously agreed. Of course, I would have been thrilled if the whole thing happened without him Chris-Eccelston-1being in the Doctor Who persona, but the fact that he was just made it extra special

Between her and her fiancé, Mary is the bigger Doctor Who fan, making Neal’s efforts to get such a memorable proposal all the more special.  “I kind of stumbled upon Doctor Who while searching Netflix for something new to watch a few years ago. I started with the reboot, and was instantly hooked!”  Her fiancé isn’t as big of fan of the BBC series, “Neal is a huge gamer. He’s very into Dragon Quest and D&D.”  So the couple won’t be getting married under a TARDIS blue archway or anything.  “We’re sticking with tradition instead!

Well congratulations again to Mary and Neal, and it was fantastic of you both to share this special moment with all Doctor Who fans, everywhere.

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