Valentine’s Day – Our 10 Favorite Couples in Comics, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is the air.


In celebration of the holiday, we count down our favorite couples from comics, science fiction and fantasy.  Is your favorite on the list?

Tell us what you think.

10.  The Doctor and the TARDIS  – DOCTOR WHO

Some of you would probably say Rose Tyler or River Song, or even Sarah Jane Smith, but none of his traveling assistants ever stay with the Doctor any where near as long as his constant companion, the that temperamental, run-down, borrowed, type-40 time capsule known as the TARDIS.


The Doctor, and his oldest, closest companion

It’s when the TARDIS’ matrix is removed and placed inside the body of a woman, Idris. That’s when we find out that the Doctor may have thought he was stealing the TARDIS, it was actually stealing him.   The TARDIS and the Doctor are kinded souls, both with a wanderlust, and a desire to find what is wrong in the universe and make it better.


9.  Jeff Winger and Annie Edison – COMMUNITY

Annie Edison and Jeff Winger

Annie Edison and Jeff Winger

There are some that might say they don’t belong on this list, because Community is not a sci-fi, fantasy or super-hero show. To them, I say you’ve clear never seen it. It is by far the biggest celebration of geek culture on TV (Well, on Yahoo! now). Inspector Spacetime, paintball, Dungeon & Dragons and the Darkest Timeline…  This show is a love letter to geek culture.

Fans of the show know that former lawyer turned student turned teacher, Jeff, and type-A obsessively competitive, intelligent, but somewhat naive ingenue Annie weren’t expected to have a romantic component to their relationship  But thanks to the frightening chemistry between series star (and E! Network host) Joel McHale with his disarming charm, and the comedic genius (who also just happens to be a goddess) that is Alison Brie.

The only reason they are not at the top of this list is, despite being voted favorite TV couple in an E Online poll in 2011, as show creator Dan Harmon, likes to point out, they really aren’t a couple.

8. Howl and Sophie – HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE


Would you like to see my fire demon?



One is cursed with old age, while the other is cursed to become a monster.

When Sophie meets Howl, it puts into motion events that will transform both of their lives.  It takes a while for them to embrace  it though, but  as they find their true selves, they also find their true love for each other.




7. Jack and Ianto – TORCHWOOD


In a dangerous life, you don’t always get to choose who you love

Jack Harkness, the pan-sexual former Time Agent from the 51st Century would hardly be the type you think you would find on a list of great couples. He has always been a bit of a player.  Known to hit on just about anything with sentience.

But gaining immortality may have given him the perspective that it isn’t always better to be alone.  Enter Ianto Jones.  Torchwood’s wheel man, administrative support staff, and supplier of coffee.  He certainly never saw himself as gay, but like so many others (both male and female) he found himself drawn to Jack.

What started out as something not so serious, grew, and strengthen to a depth of feeling neither man had known in sometime.

And changed both of their lives

6 Chuck and Sarah – CHUCK

Chuck and Sarah

He’s saving the world weekly at 12 bucks an hour. She makes sure he doesn’t get killed doing it.

Charles Irving Bartowski is an underachieving, nerdy, slightly neurotic college drop out computer technician with a confidence problem and a goofy sort of charm, who suddenly finds himself with a head full of government secrets.

Sarah Walker’s the gorgeous, highly trained CIA operative with a mysterious past and is lethal with a knife, who’s tasked with making sure he stays alive.

So naturally they fall in love.

With the US Government’s super computer, the Intersect in his brain, Chuck can flash on anything, tackling threats both foreign and domestic. But it takes Sarah’s skills to catch the bad guys and save the world.

Chuck and Sarah have a few obstacles to overcome on the road to true love, but over 5 seasons on NBC from 2007 through 2013 they eventually find a way to make it work.

5.  Zoe and Wash – FIREFLY


Like leaves on the wind…

One’s a battle hardened soldier, who fought for independence in a hopeless cause against the Alliance.

The other plays with plastic dinosaurs.

Wash and Zoe make another unlikely, but fantastic couple.  It’s not that they are opposites,  rather they are complements, filling in the gaps in each other, to make a couple that is more than the sum of it’s two pieces.

Zoe has a strength and perseverance is match by Wash’s loyalty and devotion.

That and she scares him a little too.  But in a good way.


Willow-Tara-willow-and-tara-23435185-1600-900A strong, stable female relationship on a show full of strong female characters.

Joss Whedon was just slightly ahead of his time in his progressiveness.  Taking the nerdy, techie Willow and having her explore her latent magically abilities, among other explorations.

Out of all the relationships on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the pairing between Willow and Tara was the most stable, and the most healthy and affectionate.

Of course, since it was the 90’s and on broadcast television, the two were very limited in how they could show their affection, but you never doubted that these two were in love.

3. Han Solo and Princess Leia – STAR WARS IV-VII


Yeah, he knows.

No list of the greatest loves in science fiction is complete without the Captain of the Millennium Falcon and the Princess of Alderaan.

The classic bad boy/good girl dynamic may seem a bit obvious.  He’s the scoundrel with the heart of gold, and she’s the by the book leader who needs someone she can be vulnerable with.  It’s sold by the performances of  Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, especially in the second film of the trilogy.   Ford’s famous ad libbed reaction to Leia’s declaration of love set the standard for an entire generation.


2. Reed and Susan Richards – THE FANTASTIC FOUR


The Original Power Couple

Marvel’s first power couple, Reed and Sue Richards set the standard for the post-atomic nuclear(powered) family.

The Fantastic Four was always more a family, than a super team, and it started at the top.   Reed and Sue may not have always seen eye to eye, but they always would come together to overcome any obstacle, whether it be physical threats from the likes of Doctor Doom, or the Mole Men,  Or the challenges to their relationship like the advances of the Submariner, Namor towards Sue.

For over 50 years, you could always count on the Fantastic Four, and on Reed and Sue.


and number 1 is…

1.  John Chricton and Aeryn Sun – FARSCAPE


The Uncharted Territories High’s Class Couple


Accidentally thrown through a wormhole and across the galaxy, astronaut John Chricton finds himself on the living ship, Moya and its crew of escaped prisoners, being chased by the Peacekeepers.

Aeryn Sun has spent her entire life as member of the Peacekeepers, and was one of their best pilots, who wanted nothing more out of life than to serve her unit, until events led her to be ‘irreversibly contaminated’ and finding herself on the run with the Chricton and the crew of Moya.

You’re classic “Boy gets lost in space, Boy meets alien warrior girl, Boy falls in love,” story.

At first it’s not obvious that Farscape is a love story, but as the show made its way through the its first season, it became clear that these two would end up together.

If she doesn’t kill him first.



Honor Mentions

  • Fry and Leela - Futurama

    Fry and Leela – Futurama

    Philip J. Fry and Turanga Leela – Futurama

  • Some times it takes a while to find the woman of your dreams.    Fry just had to wait 1000 years in suspended animation.

It wasn’t love at first sight (at least not for Leela) but over time, and with a lot of persistence, Fry eventually grew on the Purple haired Vixen.  The two trapped in a pocket of time, and spent their entire life, they happily grow old together. Fry asks Leela whether she found it lonely. She responds, “I was never lonely. Even for a minute.”

Rescued by Farnsworth, the professor tells them of his plan to repair the space-time continuum, Fry asks Leela, “What do you say? Want to go around again?” Leela responds, “I do.”

  • Lois Lane and Clark Kent

    Lois Lane and Clark Kent

    Lois Lane and Clark Kent – Superman

  • Having more than 75 years of history between them gives The Man of Steel and his award winning reporter partner an advantage over most of the of the other couples on this list.





  • Fox Mulder and Dana Scully

    Fox Mulder and Dana Scully

    Mulder and Scully – X-Files

  • The truth is out there, and it’s that these two FBI agents are hot!Putting these two very attractive crime fighters on the same team, and the truth wasn’t the only thing that was going to be uncovered.







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