Why FOX Adapting Lucifer Is the Worst Idea

Fox wants to turn Lucifer into a police procedural, where the reluctant King of Hell will help the LAPD solve crimes. Is this for an audience of comic-loving, cop procedural television fans? Police procedurals have become a cliché television trope. They are popular, but many border on banality.  The comic series covers everything from existentialism to finding your true face to finally breaking free of the bonds of God’s plan. It is about a fallen angel seeking to bring free will to all, while running a nightclub in LA., and breaking free of the bond’s of God’s creation.

Lucifer Morningstar first appeared in Neil Gaiman's  Sandman #4

Lucifer Morningstar first appeared in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman #4

Lucifer is not about finding out “who did it” and then listening to some tunes at his piano bar. Will Mazikeen be presented as her beautiful, Lilim self? A face “whole,” as far as humans are concerned, with the other half a rotting mess that she sees as her true beauty? A face that Lucifer loves? Or will she be treated like another one-dimensional girlfriend character? Will there be Elaine Belloc, who will help forge new creations?

Lucifer, as a character in DC’s Vertigo Comics, made his first modern appearance was in Sandman #4 (1989). Inspired by Milton’s Paradise Lost, this incarnation of “the Devil” is erudite, gentlemanly, and due to his pride, never, ever lies. After Sandman concluded, Lucifer was given his own series in 2000. Written by Mike Carey and illustrated by Peter Gross and Ryan Kelly, both Minnesota natives, it spanned 75 issues before concluding in 2006.

"Hey, this would make a great police procedural" said no one, ever.

“Hey, this would make a great police procedural” said no one, ever.

As a fan of DC’s Vertigo imprint, I have watched NBC’s adaptation of Hellblazer with interest, and while some aspects of the comics rings true in Constantine, it also suffers from some unfocused writing and an inability to truly capture the grit that makes John Constantine, and his world, the dark, magical, and Matt Ryan is the highlight of the show and I would like to see how he develops the character further, and he has good chemistry with his friend “Chas,” played by Charles Halford. The introduction of new character Manny, played by Harold Perrineau, is a strange guardian angel, while desultory Zed, played by Angélica Celaya, spends more time pouting at the camera than emoting. This isn’t the Zed I remember from the comics. NBC is currently playing with the fate of Constantine as it rests in renewal- or-not limbo, or perhaps they will move it to one of NBC Universal’s sister channels, like Syfy, where John can be more true to his comic book origins.

Fox long has a reputation of killing the things you love: Firefly, Wonderfalls, The Tick, Millennium, Arrested Development…need I go on? They should leave this comicalone. Notice a theme of the genres often targeted by Fox execs? If the network would rather add another supernatural procedural, which they already have in Sleepy Hollow, then they should do that and leave Lucifer alone.

Hopefully, someone will exercise his or her free will and stop this travesty from reaching production.

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