The FIsh That Got Away – Pinkett Smith To Leave Gotham at Season’s End

Looks like this Fish will be wrapped up with yesterday’s News.


Gotham’s Jada Pinkett-Smith in her role,  Fish Mooney, the scenery chewing Falcone lieutenant, was a hoot to watch early on, as she channeled Eartha Kitt.  But has since been isolated from the rest of the regular cast,  with her story arc dealing with organ harvesting.

Fish sees things a little differently now.

Fish sees things a little differently now.

The story has lead to one of the most talked about moments of super-hero origin story, when she used a spoon to take out her own eye, and then stepped on it, rather than have it taken.

I’ve always been a comic book fan so it was definitely a dream to be able to participate in an origin story of Batman with an original character,” marveled the actress. “Who would of thought in a million years that I would have the opportunity to do that?

We’re done, I did my year and I had a good time,” she tells Extra, adding that Fish will go out with a bang. “The show is gonna [have] an awesome finale.”

Gotham returns with new episodes beginning Monday April 13, on Fox.

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