Comic Book Review – Imperium #2 from Valiant Comics


A $3.99 Comic, 32 pages, Rated T+
Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Doug Braithwaite
Cover A by Raul Allen
Cover B by Doug Braithwaite
Cover C by Butch Guice
Variant Cover by Lewis Larosa
Character Design Variant by Doug Braithwaite

The Skinny:

It can’t be said enough, Joshua Dysart is good at this. Following the strong debut of Imperium, this story provides an introduction to a character who promises to be every bit as complex as the conflict unfolding before the reader.

Think of how complicated a war can be. Think of the stakes. Then remember that they are fought by people who have their own motivations. Imperium #2 follows a new character that brings grit and style that will make Imperium a fun ride.

The Take:

Following the exploits of terrorist turned H.A.R.D. Corps team leader, Gravedog, we learn that the opposition isn’t at rest as Toyo Harada is making his move on the world. Imperium #2 gives us a story worthy of a CNN wartime correspondent (without all that pesky editing that would make it clean for daytime TV).


While I cannot compliment the writing enough, the book is made a great deal better by the artistic choices of Braithwaite and McCaig.   Their style is sufficient to make a stuffed animal wielding child believably imposing in front of world leaders. Their attention to detail is particularly on display as the scarring on Gravedog’s face maintains a change of color and shape that fits every change in perspective.   This is a great cue, telling the reader which panels are a close up with dialogue that is meant to be driven home.

Imperium #1 left an impression that you know the stakes and the sides of the conflict. Imperium #2 reminds the reader exactly how much they don’t know. Are we seeing superpowers maneuver themselves in a war? Are we seeing the formation of a new team? Is the story about politics? Is it about how war makes people less or more humane? I honestly don’t know. I do know I’ll read this story until I find out. One last time, Joshua Dysart is very…very good at this.

Score 8/10

You can see a preview of this comic right here

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