Comic Review – Ninjak #1 from Valiant Comics


NInjak # 1, COVER-A Lewis LarosaNinjak #1

A $3.99 comic, 40 pages, Rated T+
Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Clay Mann with Butch Guice
Cover A by Lewis Larosa
Cover B by Clay Mann
Cover C by Dave Johnson
Cover D by Marguerite Sauvage
Blank cover also available
Valiant Next variant by Trevor Hairsine & Tom Muller
Character design variant by Clay Mann
B&W Sketch variant by Lewis Larosa


The Skinny:

Ninjak is back ladies and gentlemen, and he is smooth. How smooth? Smooth as a baby’s backside.

In this story we have an introduction to a spy that is at the top of his game. Fear not valiant faithful we see that cross between James Bond and a samurai which will keep us coming back for more.

The Take:

This issue shows readers a mission and the child who will grow into the super spy who handles his business. It also shows us that Matt Kindt is making a wise decision to go after new readers first. Artistically, Clay Mann and Butch Guice work with Kindt in a manner that fits a spy book very well. You get a lot of what Ninjak thinks, a lot of people say to him, but he isn’t saying much himself. Even his expression is almost entirely even. It is the right choice to emphasize a spy’s poker face as often as possible.

Ninjak #1 Preview

Ninjak #1 Preview

What we end up getting is a story segment that shows how a personality trait formed in a child, followed by a segment of the adult who is using that trait. It is interesting and it will add useful detail to new readers. These flashbacks do not seem to have any relevance beyond providing that background flavor. My fear is that it is a wasteful, to people who already know the Ninjak character, to spend pages explaining something that is already known to be true.

Kindt does leave a few interesting questions and Easter eggs that are sure to delight readers. If you look closely you can even see where the Ninjak name comes from. We also see a quality back up story featuring Neville Alcott. For the uninitiated, think Phil Coulson of Marvel movie fame. Now while you are thinking of Phil Coulson appreciate that Valiant was there first…by years.

So what do I think of Ninjak #1? It’s a great book for new readers, and that’s not bad.

Score: 7/10


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