Comic Review – Unity #16 from Valiant Comics

Unity #16 Cover A by Glenn Fabry_FABRY

Unity 16 (Ongoing)

A $3.99 Comic, 32 pages,
Rated T+
Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Pere Perez
Cover Artist: Cover A by Glenn Fabry,
Cover B by Juan Jose Ryp
Alternative Covers by Antonio Fuso
Publisher: Valiant Comics

The Skinny:

Continuing the recently started Valiant tradition of giving time and space after a big fight to each characters in its Unity group title, this is the turn for The Eternal Warrior – Gilad Anni-Padda the immortal “Fist and Steel” of Earth to share a story or in this case a memory of his past. In other words, in this issue, Gilad relive a moment of his eternal life while healing for his previous fight…

The Take:

After last month’s valiant effort dedicating the pages of its Unity title to Ninjak’s healing process, now is The Eternal Warrior’s time to heal. Matt Kindt, took a page from what can be called the eternal characters mythos, seen in the Highlander franchise, Wolverine comics and most recently the Forever tv series. Kindt relived a memory hidden in the character past, this to give Gilad and the reader time to heal from the big fight that ended a couple of issues ago. All the elements are here, the old items collection, the potential lover, and the feeling that being eternal comes with a big price.

The story serves the character well, even when it feels a little repetitive. It is heart-warming at the same time that guides the character and the reader into a “calmer” time. Being a Gilad adventure, calmer is not really the theme of the story. With him it never is. This is obvious as story progress and how it is interrupted to show the reader a flash forward scene from a more recent past. At the end, the story is a little sad, but it shows hope, this is a trick used to move our character forward, moving him and us away from the big price that come with an eternal life, to look at the eternal opportunities that Gilad has as an immortal.

Unity #16 Preview

Unity #16 Preview

Kindt, Perez and the rest of the team, do an admirable job with the story and the visual presentation of all the character, the package serve it purpose. The art lines show emotions and fluidity at the same time that the storytelling serves the overall theme presented by the words in the pages. The colors could be a little subtler at least during the flashbacks, the color pallet feel too modern and a little distracting during those scenes, but not by much.

Overall, the issue look great and feel true to the character, it a solid and moving effort, just not fresh enough.

Our Score – 7/10

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