Arrow and Flash Sizzle in Back Half Trailers

The DC TV universe has rocked hard this year, with both Arrow and The Flash bringing both the noise and the funk hard, and neither shows any sign of slowing down as they head into the second half of their 2014-15 seasons.

Wanna peak?  Here ya go


Arrow always seems to be running from his past, and now it looks like it may finally have caught up with him.  Is his only escape in the arms of his greatest foe?  Who will Oliver Queen be, if he’s not the hero?

The Flash

Grodd, the Trickster,  the Atom, and some pretty wicked games going on..   like Felicity, we thought Central City was supposed to be the fun city.

Both shows both recently were showcased at the Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles this past week.  The Arrow cast talk about the futility of keeping a secret identity, the future of Roy and Thea, and Malcolm Merlyn’s parental side.  While the Flash casts talked about the various issues of masked vigilantism and Jesse Martin compares working with a giant monkey to working with the late great Jerry Orbach.  Both panels streamed live to the internet on Yahoo Screen.

Here are some highlights.

See more at Yahoo Screen

New episodes of Arrow and The Flash begin this week!

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