Comic Review – Rai #8 from Valiant Comics



Rai #8

A $3.99 Comic, 32 pgs,
Rated T+
Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Clayton Crain
Cover Artists: Clayton Crain, David Mack, Bart Sears

The Skinny:

The war is coming!  Rai is going against his father in an all or nothing effort to stop his tyranny.

The Take:

Continuing the adventures of Rai, Matt Kindt tell the story of what could be Valiant best title as of today.  The story is simple and to the point, more than in previous issues. The cover say it all: The Fall or Rai!

Silk is narrating the story, re-telling us the readers what already happened and giving us glimpse on how Rai and his team is impacting Father plans.  Rai is working with his allies, plotting and acting against the all knowing Father, the voice that have been haunting us since the first issue.  We still don’t know what Father is or what he has done, but we are getting closer to the big reveal, we know that there’s has been various Rai champions, and this issue showcase three of them. There’s a big theme in this story relationships putting a lot of emphasis between the relationship of a father and his son.  This relationship theme serve as the foundation of the story, in this particular example the Father is no thrilled with his son decisions and the same can be said for the son about his father rules and secrets.




We also meet some of Rai brothers, Rai VIII, who have has been hidden many years, he is in Rai side of this war and X-Eye or Rai XI, younger and stronger sibling of our hero who in Father side.  The fight between XI and Rai is breath-taking, and is used to showcase various sectors of New Japan.  The big fight is fast and swift, leaving our hero in a bad position.  The end is intriguing and depending on your point of view could really be an end to this second story or a new beginning for our hero, all this because now he is outside Father all seeing eyes…  or at least that seems to be the case. What we don’t know is what happen with Rai allies, will the story continue without our hero?

Matt Kindt, and Clayton Crain are bombarding our brains with words and visuals.  Kindt is building the future on a strong foundation, and this is Valiant future and the possibilities are enormous.  Crain visuals are amazing, his art is like no one else, his color pallet is different and perfect at the same time. This issue pacing is fast and furious, this is Valiant best title.

Overall the story is short and bitter sweet, perfect for Rai and a great way to end book two.  I just which for two things: 1) more of Rai, and 2) more Clayton Crain art.

Our Score – 9.5/10

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