Marvel for her vs. Marvel for him

If you Google “Marvel clothing line”, it’s about a 90/10 split of male clothing to female clothing. If you go to Marvel’s online store, they have some T-shirts and tank tops for women (many are unisex), but there are few options. Despite past arguments on the subject, women are just as likely to be fans of superheroes as men, but for some reason it is a very underutilized market.


Recently, Marvel released a fashion collection for men, which includes professional wear, reversible shirts, and jackets with secret pockets. Everything is sleek, and stylish. It’s Captain America meets Tony Stark meets practical work wear for the everyday guy.

five-four-marvel-menswear-4Although I really want to applaud Marvel for their new line of women’s wear, it pales in comparison. The clothes are not as diverse or practical as its male counterpart (shiny, short dresses; blatant logo placement which makes the clothing less professional), and it’s limited to four dresses and two jackets. Maybe Marvel just chose the wrong partners for this deal (Hot Topic vs Five Four is quite a difference); maybe they will widen the selection after seeing success.

In no way do I intend to speak for the entire female community, nor am I trying to say this is entirely a bad thing. Sure, this was a half-attempt at branching out, but it was an attempt nonetheless. I think Marvel is making progress (slow but steady) to promote female involvement and value in the superhero genre. Hopefully this is just the first step on a ladder full of products for women and promoting women in the Marvel Universe.

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