In honor of the first year anniversary of Child of Light, Ubisoft has created an illustrated art book, Child of Light: Reginald the Great. Set in the mythical world of Lemuria, the art book is now available to download as a free PDF from the Child of Light website at childoflightgame.com/ebook.

Child of Light: Reginald the Great follows the enchanting tale of Robert’s son, Reginald, as he sets out on an adventure to find his life’s purpose. Along the way, he encounters Roberta in a dark, forbidding dungeon. Follow along to find out what awaits Reginald and Roberta in this short yet captivating story that further explores the fairy-tale world of Child of Light.
“From the start, we wanted to explore Lemuria from different perspectives and protagonists. The illustrated books are set a couple of years after the events of the game and follow the adventures of Reginald, the son of Robert and Margaret,” said Patrick Plourde, creative director at Ubisoft. “Since the game was released, we received hundreds of illustrations and cosplay pictures from our amazing community. We also received very touching letters on how the game helped some of our fans in their life. For all this, we want to say thank you. This illustrated book is our gift to you.”
In addition to Child of Light: Reginald the Great, the development team has already created additional books in the series.

“This project is an invitation to join us in the creation of this part of Lemuria. We illustrated the first book, and to channel the talent of the community, we invite you, our fans, to bring the others to life,” said Plourde. “We look forward to the incredible creations you can bring to this universe.”
More information on how to submit artwork will be unveiled at a later date via the Child of Light Facebook and Twitter pages.

Child of Light is a re-imagining of classic fairy tales set against a picturesque background inspired by the watercolor artworks of the golden age of illustration. As a playable poem, Child of Light takes players on an extraordinary journey through the mystical world of Lemuria by putting them in the shoes of Aurora, a young princess who must win back the sun, the moon and the stars held captive by the mysterious Queen of the Night. A return to the classic JRPG, Child of Light blends platforming and turn-based combat while providing a rich storyline, robust soundtrack and beautifully rendered hand-drawn art style.
Child of Light was created by a small team of developers at Ubisoft Montreal using the UbiArt Framework, a powerful engine that lets programmers and artists bring their art to life by allowing original concept art to be imported directly into the game world. The effect is akin to stepping into an interactive painting.

For more information on Child of Light: Reginald the Great, including an interview with artist Serge Meirinho, please visit blog.ubi.com/child-of-light-reginald-the-great.

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