Micronauts and ROM the Spaceknight Return to Comics

IDW Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall has long talked about his desire to add ROM the Spaceknight  and the Micronauts to the comic publisher, know for it’s quality licensed comics.  He would occasionally put images of ROM on his personal Tumblr. Now, after years of talks, IDW and Hasbro have come to terms and both properties are heading back to comics in 2016.

RomSpaceKnight The Micronauts were successful from Mego, who created the line by licensing several of Japanese toymaker Tanaka’s toy lines in 1976.  The line of interchangeable figures were popular, and ran until 1980, before finally running out of steam. ROM was the first action figure produced by board game giants Parker Brothers.  Despite an intriguing design, poor production values and sales doomed the Spaceknight toy.

Both ROM and the Micronauts debuted in the pages of Marvel Comics in 1979. However, both comics series outlasted the toys runs on store shelves.  The original Micronauts series lasted 61 issues (including Annuals) and ran thru 1984, and then had a second series that ran another 20 issues thru 1986 at Marvel before their license expired. while ROM ran until 1986, with 75 monthly issues and 4 annuals produced.  Both series were written by Bill Mantlo, and despite being licensed books, both series interacted with the Marvel Universe, introducing characters and concepts still used to this day.


IDW has not released any specifics about their plans for ROM and the Micronauts yet, but news will be coming soon.  One can’t help but wonder if either line will cross over with fellow Hasbro properties that the comics publisher already has, like the Transformers or G.I. Joe. Both of those titles also got their start with Marvel Comics in the 1980s.   IDW can only hope that their new acquisitions perform as well.

ROM1Marvel Micronauts-Marvel-Cover


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  1. Shlomo Ben Hungstien

    more curious then excited at this point about IDW doing a return of ROM and The Micronauts and here’s why http://romspaceknightart.blogspot.com/

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