Time to Meet The Muppets, Again

ABC will be launching a new Muppet series this fall, and the folks at San Diego Comic Con got a sneak peak at the new show in advance of everyone else.

Well, like Star Wars and the Suicide Squad, the studio has decided to make the special presentation available online for everyone to see.  Don’t believe me?   Well here it is, straight from ABC’s youtube page.


Not show in the clip was the “show within the show” as a large part of the series will center around Miss Piggy, and her late night talk show, Up Late With Miss Piggy.  The show sets up a lot for the new Muppet series, allowing for celebrity guest to easily appear, and give a reason for the Muppets to all be together working.  Kermit will serve as Up Late’s Executive Producer, giving the frog and pig a reason to stay close, despite their rough personal history. The rest of the gang will all be there,  Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem will be the house band,  Scooter will be the booker, Gonzo will head up the writing staff with Pepe the King Prawn and Rizzo the Rat as writers and Fozzie Bear will be Piggy’s sidekick.

Up Late With Ms Piggy Set

Lots of other your favorite Muppets will be working backstage on the show (The Swedish Chef heads craft services, Bobo is the Stage Manager, and Sam the Eagle heads up standards and practices). Rowlf the Dog, owns the bar across the street where he will play piano and Muppets and guests will do some karaoke.   In a lot of ways this feels like a behind the scenes in the television industry show, like Aaron Sorkin’s Sports Night or The Newsroom.  But to make it a bit different, the new show will follow the style of  popular hits, The Office, and  Modern Family, with a faux documentary/ reality  vibe, and they are skewwing for a more nostagia minded viewer, with jokes aimed well at older viewers.

Well what do you think? Are you with Topher Grace, and “want more of that”? Or do you prefer your Muppets on the big screen and more family friendly?

We’ll find out more tuesday’s this fall on ABC

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