Comic Review: Book of Death: Legends of the Geomancer #1

Book of Death: Legends of the Geomancer #1Book of Death: Legends of the Geomancer #1 (Mini Series)

Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Juan Jose Rip, Jordie Bellaire
Publisher: Valiant Comics
The Skinny:

Probably the most controversial Valiant Comic of this era.  This is the comic that either you hate because is not in your collection, or you love because you are one of the lucky few that have it, and enjoy every minute reading it.

By lucky few, rumors say that the print run of this comics is a little over 3,200 copies only the publisher know.  Valiant took a risk on this promotional comic book, many say that this is the first time something like this happen, but in reality many publisher has created incentives as controversial as this one if not more controversial, including the Valiant of the past, remember the mail in certificates? Another example was Defiant Comics with their Warrior of Plasm trading cards/comic.

The Take:

I will not go around this, I will not diminish the importance of this book to the fans, this review is very simple, one big sentence, this is probably the most important comic book that Valiant has published the last three years.

This book tie in with the big Book of Death miniseries, the other one, the one available to the general public, but is not integral to it.  Now this comic is integral to the whole Valiant Universe and in many ways explain part of it’s origins.

This is the story of the three brother’s parents, how they meet, and what Anni (the Mother) bring to the relationship, and how Padda (the Father) fall in love with her.  This is a clever story Fred Van Lente ideas shine in every word.  The art is gritty and amazing, detailed and strong, perfect for the story, Juan Jose Rip don’t disappoint, even for a comic that so few will ever see. The colors are great they enhance the art, the letterer is always on point, never covering something important and enhancing with feelings the words in the page. This is a short but great comic.

Overall this is the best example of what every Valiant comic should be, a story that is alive, with characters that matters and ideas that build a world of fantasy if not a universe.  This fantasy delivers and the characters that result from it are building a company, Valiant, a company that in the past challenged the big publishers and in the future could change the entertainment landscape in general.

My only desire is that more fans could read and enjoy this simple story, maybe one day they will…

Score – 10/10

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