New York Comic Con Returns! Day One at the Con

It’s that time of year, my favorite time in New York City.

The weather gets a bit cooler, post-season baseball is getting into full swing, and hockey and college football both have returned.  Oh and it’s time for my yearly nerd pilgrimage to the far west side of Manhattan, to New York Comic Con.  As a bonus, the city has finally completed the 7 train extension, and now you can take the subway all the way to 34th and 11th, just a stone’s throw from the Jacob Javits Center (and the new station is is quite the site)

Thursdays used to be know as the industry day, with panels focused on the business side of comics, but New York Comic Con has grown, and the day now has a lot more fans (many of which could only get tickets for the day, as demand for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and the 3 day pass were quite in demand.  I have never seen the show floor so crowded so early on a thursday.

I still had time to check out some great panels, including a fascinating discussion on the need for more diverse comics,  how to break into the business, and Valiant has a specifically to help introduce new readers to their line.    Expect to hear more about all that soon.   But I know why you’re really here, you want to see the cosplay.  So here are some of our favorite’s include our Cosplay of the Day.


Codex from The Guild by Saraphina Cosplay




Here are few more of our favorite cosplays from the day (click to embiggen).


Saga’s Marko and Alana

An incredible take on the X-Men’s Storm











Ahsoka and Zeb from Star Wars Rebels from the folka at Fractal Studio.













This is a great home made Damian Wayne Robin (the young vigilante’s Grandmother hand made the tunic and cape)

We all know I am a sucker for a Bombshell, and here is a pretty cool Wonder Woman Bombshell














Dark Supergirl











Have a favorite? let us know in the comments below. Want to see more, check out our Facebook Page (and make sure to like us there)

We’re out!


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