Toe Tag Riot Bridges Comics and Music in Alternative Press

Writer Matt Miner and artist Sean Von Gorman’s Toe Tag Riot, available through Black Mask Studios, may be the best example of blending comics and music to date.

Sean Von Gorman and Matt Miner

Sean Von Gorman and Matt Miner

It also comes at a time when comic and music fans are starting to recognize their kinship, a connection that goes as far back as Big Brother and the Holding Company’s Cheap Thrills album cover drawn by legend R. Crumb or Paul McCartney giving Jack Kirby some props with Magneto and Titanium Man.

Toe Tag Riot managed to gain the notice of music magazine Alternative Press with an interview in the October 21st edition that also featured Fall Out Boy Drummer Andy Hurley who has a featured role in Toe Tag Riot.

This may be a watershed moment more so for comic books than music though. Toe Tag Riot and much of Black Mask’s stable of cutting edge and politically minded titles are elevating comics into an area of respect that finally puts comics on the same footing in America as conventionally accepted forms like film, literature, and traditional art.

Alternative Press

Andy Hurley in Toe Tag Riot

Comic books have traditionally been held in the same esteem as the other areas of art in Japan and Europe, but here in America they have lagged as a second-class citizen for some time. The value of a medium surely can’t be validated by mainstream acceptance, but comics like Toe Tag Riot are an example of taking two passions and recognizing the intrinsic link between them.

Miner and Gorman both have a major crush on music that comes through in Toe Tag Riot with each page. There’s rhythm in the pacing, harmony in the words and artwork, and melody with the vibrancy of story being told.

Comics have the potential to capture the zeitgeist of our times, framing each element of society from politics to pop culture in a unique narrative. Miner and Von Gorman deserve some recognition with their work on Toe Tag Riot for helping bridge comics with music. The time has come for comics to be respected and seen as one of the important mediums of expression.


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