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David A. Vandervliet – Editor in Chief


Our Founder, on a date

I blog whatever is going on in my life that I feel is an experience worth sharing. It runs from the sublime to the ridiculous. I am a geek, but you won’t find a Kirk vs. Picard debate here, or a rant about World of Warcraft or anything like that. Unless there is some humor in it that I can share and relate to something personal.

I will talk about what I am geeking about – Comics, Movies, TV and Music and tell you what I think.

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You can email me at David@ExiledinGeeksville.com



Rob Martino – Video Games Editor

bio-pic1An avid gamer and heavily supports indie games. He drummer/percussionist who composes for video games.

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Vanessa Revelli – Contributing Writer

I get my geek on with my teen son (art boy), my little one (song girl), and my hubby (IT guy).

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