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Why FOX Adapting Lucifer Is the Worst Idea

Fox wants to turn Lucifer into a police procedural, where the reluctant King of Hell will help the LAPD solve crimes. Is this for an audience of comic-loving, cop procedural television fans? Police procedurals have become a cliché television trope. They are popular, but many border on banality.  The comic series covers everything from existentialism to finding your true face to finally breaking free of the bonds of God’s plan. It is about a fallen angel seeking to bring free will to all, while running a nightclub in LA., and breaking free of the bond’s of God’s creation. Lucifer is … Continue reading

The Only Groot Figure You’ll Ever Need

  If you are that one person who hasn’t seen Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy yet, you may not want to read on, cause this little plastic swag is a bit of a spoiler…  Okay? After dancing into our hearts weeks ago in Guardians of the Galaxy, fans have been making their own versions of dancing baby Groot. While fans can find versions of Groot as a Lego figure or a part of expensive figure sets, fans of Funko can already buy a figure of Groot and the other Guardians in Funko’s Vinyl Pop! Marvel line.     While we could all use a … Continue reading

Welcome to Night Vale: Why You Should Be Listening

  Welcome to Night Vale is a twice monthly podcast, created by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, presented in the guise of a radio show hosted by Cecil Baldwin. Baldwin broadcasts news, information, and the weather, which always features an independent musical artist as a guest, to the residents of Night Vale. While the podcast has been around since 2012, the show did not begin to gain attention until July 2013 when it was the most downloaded podcast of 2013. The sudden attention can be explained by an upsurge in sharing on Tumblr, especially after the debut of Bryan Fuller’s … Continue reading