About Rob Martino

An avid gamer and heavily supports indie games. He's also a drummer/percussionist who composes for video games.

Angry Video Game Nerd The Movie Review

On August 2nd,  I attended a screening of Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie. It was held at the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, PA. Check out my thoughts on the movie in this video review.     Check out the trailer And check out all the Angry Video Game Nerd, and check out what  directors/writers Kevin Finn, and James D. Rolfe have to offer at Cinemassacre’s website   .          

Too Many Games!

This past weekend I attended the Too Many Games convention at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center.   It’s a convention that brings the likes of hardcore gamers, game collectors, music, and of course new indie games! I was happy to report that some really awesome games are on the way. All these developers are working hard to make their games, so please support them.  Check out their websites, remember to tell them Geeksville sent you!   Default Dan  Kikiwik Games Its like Mario, kinda…..More like anti Mario!  Great platformer, have to see it to believe it! Britt Briscoe- Project Lead … Continue reading

Interview with composer Sam Marshall from Entwined

      Entwined was announced at E3 2014 and released during the announcement. This game is from the studio Pixelopus, which is under Sony Studios. The composer of Entwined is Sam Marshall. I had the pleasure of interviewing him, and we discuss his career and the music for Entwined. Check it out and enjoy!   Get the Entwined soundtrack here on iTunes. Find out more about Sam at his website. Entwined is available now on the PSN for 9.99

Video Game Review – Watch Dogs

When Watch Dogs was announced at E3 in 2012, all eyes in the gaming world were on this new IP from Ubisoft. On track to launch with the new consoles, Watch Dogs was at the top of everyone’s list for game of the year. Then delays hit pushing it back to a much later release. Finally the game has come out, and now we find out if  the push back was worth the wait. The short answer is yes…  but only just. Graphically the game looks good enough.  The only game I’d compare it to was Grand Theft Auto V, … Continue reading

Youtube May Buyout Twitch for $1Billion Dollars

There are multiple reports out there right now, some from very reputable sources, indicating that Google will purchase Youtube rival Twitch for 1 Billion dollars.  Yes, you read that right, One Billion Dollars. Twitch, launched in June 2011, is the most popular Internet destination for watching and broadcasting videogame play.  Twitch had been gaining more and more popularity in recent time on Google’s Youtube, and has actually been more popular for the live streaming of videogames and other live events. It is important to note, reports are still early, and no deal is imminent.  We can’t know how accurate the … Continue reading