Getting Some Action.


Captain Action that is. Who is Captain Action?  The short answer is  that he’s the spy world’s answer to G.I. Joe.  A dashing hero, master of disguise, and like Joe, he has lots of really cool accessories (that were all sold separately).  Introduced by the IDEAL toy company in 1966, Captain Action’s run as toy … Continue reading

Exile on… Toys. #DOCTORWHO – Complete Doctors Set!

Character has just announced a set feature new versions of all 11 regenerations Doctors in one box! Packaged in the cool TARDIS style box that they have used for other sets. MUST HAVE!


Ok,  this blog has tried to be too much… I enjoy talking about my geeky proclivities, and many people share my interests and I hope they enjoy them – So that is where I am going to focus on here. So if you like Comic Books, Science Fiction, Fantasy,  Indy Music,  and other Geek-tastic things, … Continue reading

Geeksville – Childhood for sale

Yes I am selling pieces of my childhood off a bit at time on ebay I started by posting 9 vintage star wars action figures, amazingly 5 went very quickly with BUY IT NOW (they were a mix of foreign carded and minor scuffed RTOJ or POTF1 cards) but there are still 4 left! Including … Continue reading

To Open or not, that is the Question

So for the past couple of days I have been facing one of the biggest decisions a geek. Its not Star Wars versus Star Trek, or which obscure pop culture reference T shirt to wear under my retro bowling shirt. It whether or not to to remove your pristine collectible from its packaging. There are … Continue reading


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