Read of the Week – Aquaman #7


Aquaman is my read of the week. Wow, did I just type that?  Aquaman?  The guy who talks to fish? Who’d have thought that? Ok seriously though, since even before the New 52, going back to Brightest Day, Geoff Johns said he was going to make A-Man huge, and he was not kidding. He’s managed … Continue reading

Read of the Week – Saga #1


Don’t have time to read a whole review?   Check out  Comic Reviews in 140,  Exiled in Geeksville’s new twitter feed.   All the commentary you love that we can squeeze into 140 characters This month we renew the tradition of Exiled in Geeksville’s Read of the Week, and do so with a bang.  SAGA, is new … Continue reading

Read of the Week – ALL-STAR WESTERN #1

The New 52, DC Comics‘ re-imaging and relaunching of their Superhero based continuity was to update their characters, and bring them into the 21st century, keeping everything cool about their characters, but jettisoning all the confusing and contradictory history to create easily accessible versions for new readers. Luckily for us, DC left bounty hunter and … Continue reading

Read of the Week 9/14/11 – MISTER TERRIFIC

When someone get’s the idea in his head to become a costumed hero-adventurer, he needs to think long and hard about what he’s going to call himself. A hero’s name has say a lot about who he is. Some heroes are bestowed a name that signifies how the world perceived them on their arrivel. Superman, … Continue reading

Read of the Week – Detective #881


DETECTIVE COMICS #881 Story: Scott Snyder Art by Jock and Francisco Francavilla Cover By: Jock Publisher: DC A $3.99 Comic 40 pgs Wow, it Detective Comics ever had a last issue, I would be happy if it was a lot like this one. What was that?  It’s what? Okay so it’s not really the last … Continue reading

Read of the Week – Secret Six #36

 SECRET SIX #36 Story: Gail Simone Art and Cover:  J. Calafiore Publisher: DC A $2.99 Comic 32 pgs I have not always been a big fan of books centered around villains. As a rule, it’s hard to keep the momentum up, and keep them interesting as villains.  They usually end up as “anti-heroes”, and even … Continue reading

Read of the Week!- War of the Green Lanterns Aftermath

WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS AFTERMATH #1 (of 2) Story: Tony Bedard Art: Miguel Sepulveda and Tyler Kirkman Cover: Dave Johnson Alt Cover: Sepulveda w/ Randy Mayor Publisher: DC A $3.99 Comic 40 pgs There is a lot going on over at DC these days, what with the “New 52” coming, which begs the question, … Continue reading

Read of the Week – 7/6/11


FLASHPOINT BATMAN KNIGHT OF VENGEANCE #2 (of 3) Story: Brian Azzarello Art: Eduardo Risso Cover: Dave Johnson Publisher: DC A $2.99 Comic 32 pgs FLASHPOINT has officially kicked it into high gear. Of course  Flash and Cyborg have some big things going on over in Geoff John’s FLASHPOINT #3, but it’s Batman’s story in KNIGHT … Continue reading

Read of the Week – 6/15/11

FLASHPOINT LEGION OF DOOM #1 Story: Adam Glass Art: Rodney Buchemi & Jose Marzan Jr Coverr: Miguel Sepulveda & Jose Villarrubia Publisher: DC A $2.99 Comic 32 pgs How can you not buy a comic with Legion of Doom in the title. Of course this is not the Legion you know.  Far from it.   This … Continue reading

Read of the Week – 6/1/11


FLASHPOINT #2 Story: Geoff Johns Art: Andy Kubert & Sandra Hope Cover: Andy Kubert & Sandra Hope w/ Alex Sinclair Alternate Cover: Ivan Reis, George Perez w/ Rod Reis Publisher: DC A $2.99 Comic 32 pgs The world of Flashpoint is revealed, and it’s not a happy place, especially if you are from Europe. Emperor … Continue reading


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