#NYCC Day 2 – Cosplay of the Day! Friday 10/14 #Quailman!

New York Comic Con is always great for costumes. Everything is there. Superheroes, monsters, zombies, cartoon characters. I like to pick one costume I see that is clever, well made, and fun. Some are sexy, some are scary, some are just damn good. Here is my Costume of the Day for Friday 10/14 at Comic Con – Doug Funny’s favorite Superhero – Quailman! My honorable mention is River, the Dog, as Green Lantern (Not sure if it’s supposed to be G’Nort)

Exiled in #NYCC – Day One

After months of waiting, New York Comic Con is finally upon us. If you have never been to a Comic Con, you should go at least once. And leave your preconceptions at home. It’s not that you aren’t going to find what most people think of at a Comic Book convention. Because, you probably will, if look for it. But what you should be looking for is the wide range of amazing and things we have to geek over in this world. There are movies, and TV shows, some of these are based off comics, some of which may surprise … Continue reading