Yale Stewart Has Showed Me We Need To Do More

  Last night we ran a story about an artist’s mother receiving threats at her home in response to the artist’s attempt to raise awareness to what is going on this week in Ferguson, MO.  In my rush to report what I felt was a story about someone trying to do something good in a small way, and being attacked for it, I disregarded a part of the story. When Yale Stewart, the artist behind JL8 posted about his mother receiving threatening messages on her answering machine he appealed to his friends in the industry and fans for support  “I … Continue reading

5 Movies That DC & WB Need to Make

  If Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has taught us anything, it’s that any comic concept can be made into kick-ass movie. Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment has decided to put all the chips on the table, and create a shared universe, and has put 9 films on the development schedule between now and 2020, which includes Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (it’s still not to late to change that title!)   There has already been a lot of rumors and expectations on what those films will be and we here (Wonder Woman, Shazam, Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League Dark project)  … Continue reading

Marvel Made Thor a Woman, And I’m Good With It (and You Should Be Too)

  I have to admit, when I first heard the news about the new Thor, and Captain America, my nerd rage was triggered. “Why? Why would they think this is a good idea?” But then I took a breathe.  I remembered that there are so many things in the world that worth getting upset about… war, poverty, people who wear crocs.  Then I thought some more.  I thought, “Why wouldn’t they think this a good idea?” I know, I can hear you saying, “but what about the history?” There goes my nerd rage again… but now it’s going off because … Continue reading

Our 10 Favorite Sci-fi/Fantasy/Comic Book Dads

It’s Father’s Day, so we thought we go through and pick out our favorite father figures from all things geeky. Father’s play an important role in a hero’s life.  Sometimes that role is an active participant. Sometimes, they are a motivating force from the past.  Heck sometimes Dad is the hero. These are our top ten Dads from across Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Comics.  What do you think of our choices?  Who is your favorite Dad?   Let us know.   10) Sarek (Star Trek) “As I recall, I opposed your enlistment in Starfleet.  It is possible that judgement was incorrect.” Spock’s … Continue reading

Can DC Comics Be Saved?

Lately it seems that every week there is a story somewhere on the web about DC Comics, and how in one way or another they are screwing up.   It’s so bad that there is website dedicated to the question, “Has DC Comics done something stupid today?”  Being a life long DC fan, it has been upsetting, and frustrating.  I want them to be good. I want to read great stories featuring some of my favorite characters.  But for some reason DC doesn’t want me (and thousands of other comic fans) to be happy. My old friend, and creator if the … Continue reading