Monday Morning Studio Exec – Amazing Spider-Man 2

Studios plan opening weekends very carefully.  These days it is not unusual for movies to be scheduled 3 years in advance (like the upcoming Justice League flick).  These decisions are made to maximize the possibility of a film’s success.  The first weekend of May has been the kick off of the summer movie season, and studios have used big budget super-hero and science fiction films to serve as “tentpoles” to their whole summer movie schedule. This year Sony/Columbia has claimed the date with the Amazing Spider-man sequel.  No other studio even bothered to counter-schedule any major release.  So of course … Continue reading

5 Things I am Looking Forward to in the DCnU (and Few Things I’m Not)

So if you didn’t know today is the last day of the DC Comics line as it’s pretty much existed since 1986 (or 1994, or 2005, depending on your opinion) as the DCU relaunch (don’t call it a reboot!) begins today with JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 hitting stores (with many shops having midnight launch sales.) I am going with 1986, the end of the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, since most of the major DC characters origins are traced back to the versions that came out of that, and while there have been additions and revsions, those were, until this week, … Continue reading

A Lost Legacy? The End of an Era.

As the DC Universe nears it’s latest rebirth, there are still some questions nagging me.  Most of them are little things that I am sure will work themselves out to some level of satisfaction.  How long has Batman be operating in secret?  Who were the original Titans?  Other questions are nagging at me a little.  What is up with Wally West?  Was there an original (or any other) Crisis?  Of course, my biggest doubt deals with all thing Justice Society. It seems of late, that DC has decided to forgo the rich history it has, to focus on the now.  … Continue reading

Doctor Who Series 7 – Who’s at fault for this Space-Time Conundrum?

So apparently there won’t be  a full (13) run of episodes of Doctor Who in 2012 as reported by Private Eye magazine. ( And this is how the TV on the BBC differs greatly from American TV.     Even though the BBC has order 14 episodes for 2012 (the standard 13 plus the now traditional Doctor Who Christmas episode), BBC Wales, where the show is made is reportedly purposing not doing a full season, but rather a run of specials like they did in 2009. Because the budget and the resources are not there to deliver  the episodes in time. Now … Continue reading