Han Solo – Not a Fan of Gangnam Style


Ok, I am  not exactly sure what Gangnam style really is (I know it’s some sort of Asian technopop dance, right?  or maybe it’s a new toothpaste) From what I am seeing here, I full approve of Han Solo’s response.   Always shoot first.

Exile on TV – Quickies

I haven’t had much to say about TV in the US for the past month, well that’s because for the most part, it has been pretty bleak, but things look to pick up for the next few weeks…. Because ALL NEW CHUCK is back!  Starting tomorrow, Monday 4/26, we have 6 new episodes to look … Continue reading

Countdown Week 37 – It’s really Super, Super Bowl (Or

Hey Sport fans – I imagine some of you were among the 100,000,000 or so who enjoyed this past weekend’s American Football match between the Giants of New York and Patriots of the Greater New England Area. For starters, let me say at no time were my alligences ever anywhere but with the G-men. I … Continue reading


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