The Week in Geeksville – DC Comics TV edition

fi TV 31914

It’s Tuesday, Tuesday is the day we (from now on) will look back on the previous week and run through the big stories on the geek scene.  Since this is the first time we are doing this, we may look back a little further back… With so much to go over,   I am going focus … Continue reading

Did You All Meet Rob?

welcome Rob

You may have noticed a few new pieces here lately.  Some of those articles are about video games. Now I know you are thinking, Dave, when did the Exile get so into video games.  Well I always liked video games, but I haven’t written about them much because, well to be honest, I am not … Continue reading

Indie Showcase: Nidhogg

Nidhogg Title Screen

I’m excited to show off Nidhogg in our Indie Showcase month Enjoy! Nidhogg is a fast paced sword dueling indie game from developers Kristy Norindrand and Mark Essen, of Messhof Inc. Created in the retro pixel art style, it’s visually impressive. It has 4 challenge areas that vary the play style. Some of the features … Continue reading

Elder Scrolls Online Beta. Is it worth a subscription fee?

Elder Scrolls Online

After all the hype and anticipation I finally received a beta key for Elder Scrolls Online.  I am not the biggest MMO fan, but ill try anything if well done. I played quite a bit of the Skyrim, so I’ll use that as my comparison. I chose the Dragonknight class, and used a two handed … Continue reading

NYCC Day 3 – More Doctor Who, Valiant, and of course, COSPLAY OF THE DAY!


Saturday at New York Comic Con. Or as I like to call it,  the 8th ring of hell. Maybe it’s not the best thing for a mild agoraphobic like myself to be at, but I persevered. As you may remember, I was up late after the first day, due to an animal emergency.   I was … Continue reading

Day two at NYCC 2013 Comic Apps, Time Lords and Cosplay of the Day!


Day two at the 2013 New York Comic Con at the Javits Center on Manhattan’s west side was a long hard day for us here at Geeksville. After returning home after a great day one, Geeksville’s resident feline, Cat (yes we named him Cat) let us know in no uncertain terms that he was not … Continue reading

New York Comic Con 2013 – Day 1 in review.

NYCC Day 1 10/10/13

It was a good day to be in Geeksville.   Today, the BBC announced the discovery of 9 previously thought lost forever Doctor Who episodes from the Patrick Troughton era,  The University of Michigan hockey season began with a win, and today was the first day of New York Comic Con. We have been busy outside … Continue reading

Video Game Review: Guacamelee!

Game screen shot, Guac

While I attended PAX East, I came across Drinkbox Studios booth.  Here they were presenting there new game Guacamelee!  After playing the demo, I spoke with programmer Alex Smithers about the game.  He along with Chris McQuinn were kind enough to send me a copy to review. I am not here to spoil the game … Continue reading

It’s official – Tennant and Piper in the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Special

Doctor's 10 and 11

The BBC officially announced a (partial) cast list for this fall’s Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, and to no one’s real surprise, David Tennant has been confirmed as appearing.  How ever, there was a second somewhat unexpected name announced.  No,  not him.  Billie Piper will be along with Tennant when the two Doctors meet up … Continue reading

Doctor Who in 2012, A Few Thoughts….

Doctorwho credits

The net will be filled with reviews of the Doctor Who Christmas special, The Snowmen.   In fact you can see mine soon, over at I don’t want to review it again here.   I mean I could, but instead I want to talk about what I saw a bit more informally.  I will be talking … Continue reading


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