Underneath the Cosplay – KokoroKristin

  It is so easy to forget that cosplayers might want to enjoy the rest of the convention, not just pose for pictures. I like to think I respect the time of cosplayers.  If they are talking with someone, or shopping on the show floor, I will try to catch them at a different time.    Lucky for us, KokoroKristin happened to look up from the back issue bin as saw me last spring at Special Edition NYC, that’s when I started up a conversation about the different runs on various Power Girl series, before I asked her if I … Continue reading

Underneath the Cosplay – Spectra Marvelous

Be honest,  the coolest thing about Batman is the cape. Okay, maybe it’s the car, and the gadgets, and the whole being a billionaire.  But visually, when you see Batman, the coolest thing is the way his cape looks.  If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried to wear a cape, and in your mind you look just as bad ass as Batman.   In reality, you look like a kid with a towel wrapped around your neck. Very few people can really pull off the cape.  Even fewer fully capture the heroic cape image.   Meet one of those few, cosplayer Spectra … Continue reading

Underneath the Cosplay – Lady Nel

  Earlier this summer I attended the first ever Special Edition: NYC.  It was a Comic Con that was all about Comics.  No TV, No Video Games, No Anime, or Movies.   But there was one thing  you can always count on when comic fans get together.   Cosplay.   That’s where I met Lady Nel, from Saturday Morning Cosplay in her amazing Storm cosplay. It took me a little while, but I finally caught up with her, and  here’s what she had to tell Exiled in Geeksville. Name: Lady Nel Hometown: Brooklyn, NY Cosplay Philosophy: Cosplay is joy and passion. If one of … Continue reading

Getting A Hold of Kryptonite – Talking With Author A.L. Newberg

  The story of Jerry Siegel and and Joe Shuster is one that is well know, two kids from Cleveland create the most well known comic book character in history, only to have sold the rights to the character to the company that would become DC Comics for a paltry $130.00. It has become a cautionary tale for anyone who has a hand in creating “work for hire”.  Artists create intellectually property, and languish in poverty, while the company reaps all the profits exploited from their labors.   It has led to a legal battle  between the Superman heirs, and Warner … Continue reading

Underneath the Cosplay – NYC Assassin

If you were to do an image search for cosplay in Google, you might get the idea that it’s all about women in tight fitting spandex costumes. Go ahead do it, we’ll wait. Sure there is a handful of guys mixed in there, but whenever you see anything on TV or the web about cosplay, there is very narrow focus on the cosplay/costumer community. Ever we here in Geeksville can’t say we aren’t a little guilty of it.  After all, our first two Beneath the Cosplay featured attractive women in tight costumes.  But that was never our intention.  We here … Continue reading