Underneath the Cosplay – Aleta Pardalis

  I met Ms. Pardalis at New York Comic Con this past year.  (She was our Cosplay of the Day for the first day of the con.)  Right away I was blown away by her Baroness costume from G.I. Joe.   It wasn’t your everyday Comic Con costume.   It was the work of a dedicated craftsman.  I think it was the first picture I took that day.  Sadly, I am not a professional photographer, I failed capture just how amazing her costume was. I also didn’t get to long to talk to her.   (I never like to pester someone nice enough … Continue reading

Underneath the Cosplay – It’s-A Me Cosplay

Over the past few years, Cosplay has become a huge part of Comic/Geek fandom.  Go to any comic convention or pop culture event, and you will see hundreds of fans taking part.  Cosplay is more than just dressing up as their favorite characters,  it’s about being part of and sharing your passion with the a greater fan community. Here at Geeksville we want to recognize and celebrate that fan spirit. The first cosplayer I ever met and got to know was a young woman dressed as Zatanna at the Midtown Comics launch party for DC’s New 52 in 2011.  I … Continue reading

Hal Johnson Gets Exiled

Last week I talked with author Hal Johnson.  We even talk a bit about his debut novel, Immortal Lycanthropes.  If you didn’t catch it, I reviewed Immortal Lycanthropes for Comicbooked.com We also talk about roleplay gaming, Classic Doctor Who, and Silver Age Marvel Comics among other things. You know, all the stuff that really matters. If you are not familiar with Hal Johnson, well the bio on his website might be confusing.  And if you try to read his blog, well you better know a thing about cryptology.  But these are the sort of things that you make you want to … Continue reading