In Blackest Night… Green Lantern: the Movie


Green Lantern Its pretty simple idea, an old story. A magic lamp that grants wishes. At the core,that is what the Green Lantern story is. Alladin. Sure the details have changed, the ring, the Corps, the Guardians, but in the end, the Lantern and it’s power is something we all … Continue reading

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights


The past few weeks we have been seeing a blitzkrieg of Green Lantern promotional material.  6 Warner Brothers, never one to shy away from some cross promotion, have also released the latest of the DC Animated film GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD KNIGHTS. Like most of the Warner Premiere DC animated films, … Continue reading

Single White Zombie seeks same. #Rigamortis, a #Zombie Love Story


Zombies are everywhere these days, movies, TV, classical literature, so it was only a matter of time before someone made a Zombie musical. Wait no longer, that time is now. RIGAMORTIS, a Zombie Love Story is now on the web. “After humanity quells an undead uprising, the last two remaining … Continue reading

Bane Rises.

1st Bane

The site, can lead you to the first official image of from the film, Tom Hardy as the man/force of nature known as BANE. But that is, if you are the world’s greatest detective. If you’re not,well then it’s a bit of a let down. Like the Dark Knight … Continue reading

2010 – The Year in Geek Movies


Ok,  so a lot happened in 2010 in Geeksville. So where to begin?  Let’s talk about movies. I’ll be honest, this year I didn’t get to the movies as much as I have in past years, and a lot movies came out while I was “on hiatus” so forgive me … Continue reading