Clerks Turns 20 but We Get the Gifts

The Clerks Soundtrack Cover

  I am still in full denial that Kevin Smith‘s first film, Clerks turns 20 this year.  That is half of my life. I’m also not the only one to tell you that when it hit theaters 20 years ago it encompassed all that I was (a student who also happened to be a convenience store clerk.) I wanted to show it to everyone that I knew. I wanted them to understand what the overnight … Continue reading

Is WB After Benedict Cumberbatch For a DC Movie Role?


  Casting rumors are a dime a dozen in this day and age, so take from this what you will, but word is circulating that Benedict Cumberbatch, BBC’s Sherlock, is being eyed for a part in an upcoming DC Comics movie, possibly in the already filming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, maybe Justice League. The velvet voiced actor is in high demand, coming of his recent Emmy win, especially for voice work, besides his … Continue reading

The Rock to Face Off Against Shazam as Black Adam


    We had been hearing for a while that wrestler turned actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would be staring in the upcoming and long rumored Shazam movie. Based on the DC comic character, Johnson himself has been teasing his possible involvement with the movie, as recently as last month.  Up until now though, he has not revealed whether he would play the hero, the Big Red Cheese himself, Shazam (formerly known as Captain Marvel) … Continue reading

Is Joaquin Pheonix Strange? (Doctor Strange That Is)

Dr. Strange film

  Marvel/Disney is reportedly close to signing actor, and known oddball, Joaquin Phoenix to play the Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange. It’s been reported for some time that the House the Mouse built wants the actor for the part. The mercurial actor had been spotted picking up some Dr. Strange comics, supposedly in preparation for the role. Collider is reporting that final talks between Phoenix and Marvel are taking place, and all that is left is … Continue reading

Prepare to see your Doom (Dr. Doom that is)

Doctor Doom?

  Two images have hit the webs that have supposedly come out of the usually secretive Fantastic Four shoot.  The two images are of actors working in a green screen room, filming a fight scene.  Hooked up flying rigs, and in special wardrobe for adding CGI effects in post production.  If rumors are to be believed, this is Doctor Doom. That sound you just heard were a million fanboys crying out…   The above image … Continue reading