Comic Review – The Valiant #4 from Valiant Comics

  THE VALIANT #4 (of 4) A $3.99 Valianr Prestige Comic Rated T+ Written by Jeff Lemire & Matt Kindt Art And Cover by Paolo Rivera Interlocking Variant Cover by Jeff Lemire & Matt Kindt ( Variant Cover by Francesco Francavilla The Good The writing There has been no doubt about the quality of this series because of the sheer talent involved. But it should be again be emphasized on how good an issue this is. Although this series had most of the major players in the shared universe involved, the focus remains on Gilad, Kay and Bloodshot against the Immortal Enemy. … Continue reading

Twelve’s Night – Doctor Who: Deep Breath

  Over the last 3 weeks, Peter Capaldi, the actor playing the Twelfth Doctor met the world.  Now the world has met Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. Before tonight, maybe 10,000 lucky people in the world had gotten to see the Series 8 première in its final form during the Doctor Who World Tour. (Plus bunch more folks who downloaded an unfinished black and white version sent out to for translation purposes internationally).  But now, its aired simulcast around many parts of the world.  And the internet is buzzing with fan reactions for the new Doctor. Everybody always remembers an entrance and … Continue reading

Movie Review: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Opened August 1, 2014 Rated PG-13 Starring: Chris Pratt Zoe Saldana Dave Bautista Vin Diesel Bradley Cooper Lee Pace Karen Gillan Josh Brolin Glenn Close John C. Reilly Written by James Gunn & Nicole Perlman Directed by James Gunn Our Score – 9 of 10   The Marvel movies all have a element of whimsy to them (something sorely lacking in their Distinguish Competitions films of late.)  But after Thor’s dark world and the latest Captain America,  things there haven’t all been that fun. That’s why we should all be happy the Guardians of the … Continue reading

Movie Review – X-Men: Days of Future Past

  I don’t think it would be too far out of line to say the 20th Century Fox’s X-Men: Days of Future Past might be the most ambitious comic book movie ever made, even more than The Avengers. The fact that this movie is an adaption of an actual comic book storyline just makes it that much cooler.  It shows that movies can be made directly from comics, without worrying about confusing an audience with the minutiae of comic history.  This story has multiple versions of the same characters, played by different actors, time travel (with multiple time lines) and giant … Continue reading

Comic Book Review – Rai #1 from Valiant Comics

RAI #1 Writer: Matt Kindt Art: Clayton Crain Cover: Clayton Crain Alternative Covers: Bryan Hitch, Stephen Segovia, Raul Allen, Khari Evans, Trevor Hairsine, David Aja & Raul Allen (see gallery below) Publisher: Valiant Comics Quick Take: A lush looking, fast moving comic set 20 centuries from now, but with a film noir vibe. Kmur, but it’s Crain’s visuals that really take takes this book to the next level. Valiant knocks it out of the park again with this first issue. OUR SCORE: 9/10 There are few things I enjoy more than picking up the first issue of new comic book … Continue reading