Donald Glover is Miles Morales in Disney’s Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Spidey Miles Morales

  Back when Sony was discussing rebooting the Spider-Man franchise, there were a lot of ideas, and rumors about how to make a new Spidey movie so soon after the end of the Sam Raimi trilogy.  One interesting idea was to have him played by comedian, writer, and star of Community, Donald Glover. Well here let him tell you the story;   Of course, as you know none of that happened. Andrew Garfield played Peter … Continue reading

Comics First Look: X-O Manowar #0 from Valiant Comics

X-O Manowar #0  Interlocking variant Covers by Dave Johnson

  Aric of Dacia, the 5th century Visigoth in possession of the universe’s most powerful weapon, the X-O Manowar armor barely survived the Armor Hunters attack.   But he has, and now in order for him to go ahead, he has to look back.  X-O Manowar #0, in stores October 8th from Valiant Comics, does just that. does just that, giving us the full story, from his days fighting for his people against the Roman Empire, … Continue reading

Sherlock Wins Big at the Emmys

Sherlock - His Last Vow

  BBC hit series Sherlock brought home Seven Emmy Awards between this evening’s 66th Annual Prime Time Emmys, and the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, which were given out on Saturday August 16th.  More than any other program this year.  The series ran on PBS, making it eligible.     This is the first year the show had won one of the coveted golden statues, despite having been nominated every year it has been eligible.   Since 2011, … Continue reading

Amazon Buys Twitch


  Remember when Google was going to buy Twitch for 1 billion dollars? Well, not anymore. Amazon has stepped in and is on the verge of acquiring Twitch for just under 1 billion dollars. It is being reported that its a cash deal.  Sounds like pretty sweet deal for Twitch’s Justin Kan and Emmet Shear.     But what does this mean for streamers and viewers? Immediately, probably not much,  But down the line, who … Continue reading

Grant Imahara, Troy Belleci and Kari Byron Say Good-Bye to Mythbusters


With tonight’s season finale of the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters, it was sadly announced that the trio of young ‘Busters, Grant Imahara, Troy Belleci, ând Kari Byron won’t return to the show when the show returns for its 14th season. Mythbusters hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman ended tonight’s program with the announcement. We want to thank @KariByron @GrantImahara @ToryBelleci for their tireless work, and wish them all the best. — MythBusters (@MythBusters) August 22, … Continue reading