New Doctor Who Comics in 2014!


If you know me at all you know that the two things I geek out the most about are comic books and Doctor Who.  So you know when I can talk about both at the same time I am one very happy geek. When it was announced last year that IDW would be losing the Doctor … Continue reading

Did You All Meet Rob?

welcome Rob

You may have noticed a few new pieces here lately.  Some of those articles are about video games. Now I know you are thinking, Dave, when did the Exile get so into video games.  Well I always liked video games, but I haven’t written about them much because, well to be honest, I am not … Continue reading

Campaign to honor Dwayne McDuffie

When Dwayne McDuffie, the screenwriter and creator for many recent projects for DC Animation, including All-Star Superman, and the upcoming Justice League Doom passed away this past February, the comics and animation industry lost a great talent and a great person. Now there is a chance to help honor his career and legacy.  The Writers’ … Continue reading

Batman Returns

Well… that didn’t take too long. Grant Morrison has done an interview with USA Today’s John Geddes discussing the upcoming return of Bruce Wayne this summer. They talk about Batman, The DCU, the Multiversity project, and Joe the Barbarian. The Return of Bruce Wayne starts this April, in a 6 issue where a time lost … Continue reading

Comic of the week – 9/30/09

The Last Days of Animal Man #5 (of 6) Writer: Gerry Conway Penciller: Chris Batista Inkers: Dave Meikis & Wayne Faucher Cover: Brian Bolland Publisher: DC With all the big name projects going on at DC right now (Blackest Night, Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin) it might be very easy to miss this gem of … Continue reading

Pregnancy Pacts?!?

By now you have heard about the girls in a small Massachuttes town who were celebrating in the nurse’s office when their pregnancy tests came back positive.  These girls, not even 16 years old got together and made a pact to get pregnant and raise their kids together. WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS CRAZY … Continue reading


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