Goodbye my Sarah Jane

I am crushed to hear of the passing of actress Elisabeth Sladen, best known for portraying Sarah Jane Smith on the BBC’s Doctor Who from 1973-1976, at the age of 63. The actress passed away from cancer. Miss Sladen returned to the Doctor Who family several times, first in 1981 in the “K9 and Company” holiday special, and again alongside Jon Pertwee in 20th Anniversary special “The Five Doctors”. She was also the first original series character to appear in the new series ( first in 2006’s School Reunion, with tenth Doctor, David Tennant. ) before being given her own … Continue reading

Batman Returns

Well… that didn’t take too long. Grant Morrison has done an interview with USA Today’s John Geddes discussing the upcoming return of Bruce Wayne this summer. They talk about Batman, The DCU, the Multiversity project, and Joe the Barbarian. The Return of Bruce Wayne starts this April, in a 6 issue where a time lost Bruce Wayne begins his way back to the present from the Caveman era. What this means for the current team of Grayson and Damian is anyone’s guess. But since this series is being written by “Batman and Robin” writer Grant Morrison, I am sure it … Continue reading

Comic of the week – 9/30/09

The Last Days of Animal Man #5 (of 6) Writer: Gerry Conway Penciller: Chris Batista Inkers: Dave Meikis & Wayne Faucher Cover: Brian Bolland Publisher: DC With all the big name projects going on at DC right now (Blackest Night, Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin) it might be very easy to miss this gem of a miniseries about the future of Buddy Baker (a/k/a Animal Man). What happens to a Superhero as he gets older? That is the question explored in this tight, self-contained miniseries. Set in the near future, we get a few glimpse of what may come (A … Continue reading

Geeksville! – Spring Arrivals – Doctor Who! Battlestar Galactica!

So the Geek has been gone – read the blog for the story – I don’t want to get into that now – Lets talk about the Arrival of Spring and what it brings with it, warm weather, baseball, women in central park wearing sun dresses and the new seasons of Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica! First up- DOCTOR WHO – SERIES 4 He’s back again, the Last of the Time Lords, and his new season begins with a rip roaring extended adventure. once again on Christmas Day, though this time most of the story takes place above Earth, and … Continue reading