Comic Review – Ivar, Timewalker #3 from Valiant Comics


IVAR, TIMEWALKER #3 A $3.99 Comic, 32 pgs. Rated T+Written by Fred Van Lente Art by Clayton Henry Cover A by Raul Allen  Cover B by Brian Level  Variant Cover by Michael Walsh  Variant Cover by Ramon Villalobos    The Skinny: Ivar Anni-Padda, the Timewalker and Dr. Neela his companion, continue their time travel adventures, stepping into a world of adventure, mystery, drama and moral dilemmas. This time, Dr. Neela step into the past and encounter an old/new friend, Gilad Anni-Padda the Eternal Warrior at the same time that Neela ask why not kill Hitler if you have the chance. … Continue reading

Comic Review – Divinity #2 from Valiant Comics


DIVINITY #2 (of 4) A $3.99 Valiant Prestige Comic, 32 pgs. Rated T+ Writer: Matt Kindt Artist: Trevor Hairsine Cover A by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic Cover B by Tom Muller Variant Cover by Rafa Sandoval Variant Cover by Diego Bernard Variant Cover by Lewis Larosa  The Good The writing Divinity continues to play with nonlinear story telling narrative structure as the first book. But this second issue is a bit more comprehensible as this has a different narrator who is a little more grounded and thus provides more contexts to what is happening. Plus familiar faces from the larger Valiant universe … Continue reading

Comic Review – Ninjak #1 from Valiant Comics


  Ninjak #1 A $3.99 comic, 40 pages, Rated T+ Written by Matt Kindt Art by Clay Mann with Butch Guice Cover A by Lewis Larosa Cover B by Clay Mann Cover C by Dave Johnson Cover D by Marguerite Sauvage Blank cover also available Valiant Next variant by Trevor Hairsine & Tom Muller Character design variant by Clay Mann B&W Sketch variant by Lewis Larosa   The Skinny: Ninjak is back ladies and gentlemen, and he is smooth. How smooth? Smooth as a baby’s backside. In this story we have an introduction to a spy that is at the … Continue reading

Comic Book Review – Imperium #2 from Valiant Comics


IMPERIUM #2 A $3.99 Comic, 32 pages, Rated T+ Written by Joshua Dysart Art by Doug Braithwaite Cover A by Raul Allen Cover B by Doug Braithwaite Cover C by Butch Guice Variant Cover by Lewis Larosa Character Design Variant by Doug Braithwaite The Skinny: It can’t be said enough, Joshua Dysart is good at this. Following the strong debut of Imperium, this story provides an introduction to a character who promises to be every bit as complex as the conflict unfolding before the reader. Think of how complicated a war can be. Think of the stakes. Then remember that … Continue reading

Audio Review – Doctor Who: Revenge of the Swarm from Big Finish

Doctor Who - Revenge of the Swarm from Big Finish

  Doctor Who – Revenge of the Swarm A Big Finish Production Written by Jonathan Morris Directed by Ken Bently Starring Sylvester McCoy Sophie Aldred Philip Olivier with John Leeson, Mandi Symonds, Maggie Service, John Heffernan, Phyllida Nash, Siobhan Redmond, John Dorney, Paul Panting Our Score – 7/10   Are sequels ever as good as the original?  Well there’s the Godfather II, The Empire Strikes Back, Captain America: The Winter Soldier… Then there is Revenge of the Swarm. Revenge of the Swarm is the sequel to the 1977 Doctor Who serial, The Invisible Enemy, starring Tom Baker, Louise Jamison and … Continue reading