Going Back to Galactica

The Galactica

So, after two years in the making, Battlestar Galactica:Blood & Chrome finally comes to your home, on your computer screen. The 2 hour pilot is now being made available online, as  a 12 part webseries, the first two parts of which are already online via Machininma Prime’s YouTube Channel.  The film, in it’s entirety will … Continue reading

Who are the Enablers?


What if the world we knew suddenly changed? What if suddenly it was discovered that a small percentage of the population, through some quirk, could enable others to do amazing things?  How would the world react?  Would they be revered? Feared?  Studied? Turned into celebrities? Go into seclusion? Be hunted?  And what would the people … Continue reading

The Sky is Falling

fs - walking

As long as there has been science fiction, alien invasion has been a staple of the genre.  Beginning with HG Wells immortal classic “War of the Worlds” (Which has been redone, and re-interpreted several times) popular fiction has embraced the alien invasion story, from the 50′s monster and saucer movies to recent summer blockbusters like … Continue reading

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights


The past few weeks we have been seeing a blitzkrieg of Green Lantern promotional material.  6 Warner Brothers, never one to shy away from some cross promotion, have also released the latest of the DC Animated film GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD KNIGHTS. Like most of the Warner Premiere DC animated films, this is a stand alone … Continue reading

Classic #DoctorWho News

Colin Baker, the 6th Doctor has begun tweeting.  You can find his pithy 140 character musings here, @SawbonesHex. This also just in: Big Finish has officially announced that Tom Baker will be recording original audio adventures for the company.  This news has been expected for some time, as Tom himself reported on his website that … Continue reading


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