NYCC Day 3 – More Doctor Who, Valiant, and of course, COSPLAY OF THE DAY!


Saturday at New York Comic Con. Or as I like to call it,  the 8th ring of hell. Maybe it’s not the best thing for a mild agoraphobic like myself to be at, but I persevered. As you may remember, I was up late after the first day, due to an animal emergency.   I was … Continue reading

Han Solo – Not a Fan of Gangnam Style


Ok, I am  not exactly sure what Gangnam style really is (I know it’s some sort of Asian technopop dance, right?  or maybe it’s a new toothpaste) From what I am seeing here, I full approve of Han Solo’s response.   Always shoot first.

May the Fahrvergnügen be with you.

Saw this and had to share it, immediately.  How many of us have not stood in front of automatic doors and have waved our hands in Jedi fashion?  Or maybe you have spoken directly in to a oscillating fan and have said “Luke, I am your father!”  This also reminds me of my nephew, who … Continue reading


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