Review: Super Sikh and the Atma Defenders #0

Super Sikh and the Atma Defenders, created by Jai Nitz with the artistic team of Jethro Morales and Marie Enger, offers something familiar but unique. The Story Imagine a story that works between the state of reality and deep reality. Raj the protagonist, is your average, everyday American Sikh. He sports a Chicago Cubs baseball cap and lives at home with his family. But when he’s not living this ordinary, average life, he’s doing battle on a deeper plane of existence with the death embodiment of Kaal who is supported by Kaam (Lust), Krobh (Anger), Lobh (Greed), Moh (Attachment), and … Continue reading

Marvel for her vs. Marvel for him

If you Google “Marvel clothing line”, it’s about a 90/10 split of male clothing to female clothing. If you go to Marvel’s online store, they have some T-shirts and tank tops for women (many are unisex), but there are few options. Despite past arguments on the subject, women are just as likely to be fans of superheroes as men, but for some reason it is a very underutilized market. Recently, Marvel released a fashion collection for men, which includes professional wear, reversible shirts, and jackets with secret pockets. Everything is sleek, and stylish. It’s Captain America meets Tony Stark meets … Continue reading

Thor Throws Down the Post Game Interview on Saturday Night Live

With Chris Hemsworth hosting SNL this past weekend, you had to figure the Mighty Thor would turn up. And Thor brought the funny as Bobby Moynihan plays the reporter trying to get an interview with an extremely celebratory Thunder God, after the Avengers defeat Ultron and his army of evil killer robots. Thor goes full beast mode in this post-game report. The sketch must have been a dream come true for frequent Midtown Comics customer and 6 year cast member Moynihan. If a scene like this is not in Avengers:Age of Ultron, I may ask for my 18 bucks back.

#MarvelEvent! The Complete Phase Three Announcement!

After losing a bit of momentum to the Distinguished Competition recent scheduling announcement, Marvel Films put on a show as Kevin Feige took the stage at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles to show their rivals how fans deserve to find out about their upcoming projects, collectively known as Phase Three.  Feige’s thinking is that they should have fun with this sort of announcement, fans not stockholders need to be on the front line. Marvel announced NINE films between May 2016 and May 2019 today.  Some were expected, some took the crowd by surprised, as Kevin Feige was joined … Continue reading

Arrow Adds a Little Help This Fall.

  The DC TV Universe, like it’s cinematic cousin keeps getting bigger. Hot on the heels of announcing that Devon Aoki (Sin City) will be playing Tatsu Yamashiro a/k/a Katana this fall on Arrow, we now get word that former Man of Steel Brandon Routh will be playing Ray Palmer.  Ray Palmer is better known in the DCU as the diminutive powerhouse, the Atom. The Arrow version of the character will be “an unparalleled scientist and inventor”.  Palmer will be the new owner of Queen Consolidated, and a possible new love interest for fan-favorite character Felicity Smoak. Not exactly the … Continue reading