4 Awesome years of #CHUCK in 7.5 minutes


So you haven’t been listening to the Exile these past few years and you haven’t been watching CHUCK, the awesome Spy-fi Rom-Com on NBC.  SHAME ON YOU. Well now you have been  told by so many fans of the show that you really should tune in.  And you’ve thought about, but you figured the shows … Continue reading

#Chuck versus the A-Team, a Geek-view

Chuck 1

“These have a camera that scans for any bio residue” “Yuck, sounds like a CBS show.” Well Chuck, those CBS shows must be doing something right, since there are like 30 of them. Of course Chuck does a few thing right too, but of late the show has been uneven.  Some say that the removal … Continue reading

The best of the Geektube this week… All in favor of giant ears?


This week saw the return of two big genre TV series, and set up a showdown for viewers on the night fewer people watch TV on than any other. And I don’t really watch either one of them.  So I don’t really care. That’s right, I am not a regular viewer of either FRINGE or … Continue reading

Exile on TV – Chuck – Hart-felt Homage – Video – NBC.com

Chuck – Hart-felt Homage – Video – NBC.com.

Exile on TV – Quickies

I haven’t had much to say about TV in the US for the past month, well that’s because for the most part, it has been pretty bleak, but things look to pick up for the next few weeks…. Because ALL NEW CHUCK is back!  Starting tomorrow, Monday 4/26, we have 6 new episodes to look … Continue reading


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