Star Trek Boldly Going to Netflix? Not So Fast!


You might have heard something today about a new Star Trek series coming to Netflix.  But it seems, like a slipstream drive to get Voyager home faster, it seems that this bit of news might just be a little too good to believe. A Google+ page called “Starfleet Intelligence” went in to warp drive, to announce that Star Trek info guru Larry Nemecek had told fans this past Saturday’s “State of the Trek” Fan Forum … Continue reading

Star Wars Rebels Trailer debuts

rebels ban

Just in time for Star Wars Day, Disney has released not one,  but two trailers for it’s upcoming animated series, Star Wars: Rebels, a 60 second full trailer and 30 second teaser. Star Wars: Rebels full trailer, courtesy of the Star Wars Youtube channel   The series, set between the two film trilogies, will be chronicle the early days of the Rebellion against the Empire, roughly 5 years before the events of the original Star … Continue reading

The Week in Geeksville – DC Comics TV edition

fi TV 31914

It’s Tuesday, Tuesday is the day we (from now on) will look back on the previous week and run through the big stories on the geek scene.  Since this is the first time we are doing this, we may look back a little further back… With so much to go over,   I am going focus on the many different projects Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment are working on for television.  Tomorrow I’ll open it up … Continue reading

NYCC 2013 Day 3 – More Doctor Who, Valiant, and of course, COSPLAY OF THE DAY!


Saturday at New York Comic Con. Or as I like to call it,  the 8th ring of hell. Maybe it’s not the best thing for a mild agoraphobic like myself to be at, but I persevered. As you may remember, I was up late after the first day, due to an animal emergency.   I was still pretty tired, but I tried to get to the Con pretty early, because I knew I wanted to get … Continue reading

2 Lost Doctor Who Episodes Found


Not seen in over 40 years, two early episodes of Doctor Who have recently been found. Of 253 episodes that aired when William Hartnell (1963-66) and Patrick Troughton (1966-69) played the Doctor, 108 had believed to been lost, due to the BBC’s policy of “wiping”.  Now that number is 106.  The episodes discovered are 1965 episode “Airlock” which is part 3 of the previously completely lost story Galaxy 4,  and 1967’s  The Underwater Menace part … Continue reading