The Doctor, Here to Help

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As we reach the end of another season of Doctor Who, just a few thoughts about this season and the series., as a whole, going back to 1963, before this season’s finale, “The Wedding of River Song” airs. This season has been a roller coaster since it started off with a shot at the Moon. … Continue reading

Exile on the Tube – Doctor Who:The End of Time Part 2

DOCTOR WHO The End of Time Part 2 BBC (1 January) (BBC America 2 January) Starring: David Tennant, John Simm with Bernard Cribbins and Timothy Dalton Written by Russell T. Davies Directed by Euros Lyn It’s the end of time for the 10th Doctor. Something is returning. Something big. The thing is, for all the … Continue reading

Exiled on… the Tube Highlights 11/5-11/11

What happened on TV this week…. Well the word from Michael Ausiello is that ‘Dollhouse is axed“… And word elsewhere says Fringe may not be too far behind also Ausiello is reporting a Smallville movie event… Actually it just sounds like they are just gonna air two related episodes back to back,  the bonus is … Continue reading

Who Watches the Watchmen

For nearly 3 hours I sat, in the dark, with this beautiful woman, a woman I waited years to be with… and then she proceeded to give me a hand job, a hand job that, while technically proficient failed utterly at its true purpose, and failed in giving the intended conclusion. No Happy Ending I … Continue reading

Geeksville! – Spring Arrivals – Doctor Who! Battlestar Galactica!

So the Geek has been gone – read the blog for the story – I don’t want to get into that now – Lets talk about the Arrival of Spring and what it brings with it, warm weather, baseball, women in central park wearing sun dresses and the new seasons of Doctor Who and Battlestar … Continue reading

The Secret Diary of a Call Girl – a review

No, I have not started a a new career. Nor is it the story of my search for a social life either, wise guys It’s a new show from England that I have found online. It chronicles the story of Belle, a young escort working in London. From the ITV website, It’s the sexually explicit … Continue reading


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