Nevermind Game Showcase

While at Indiecade East, I met Forest Handford who was showcasing the game Nevermind. This game was created by Flying Mollusk with Creative Director Erin Reynolds and Creative Producer Michael Annetta. Nevermind is a first person thriller puzzle adventure. Here you play as a Neuroprober, who goes in the minds of psychological trauma victims. The great addition to Nevermind is how the game is able to gain your level of stress while navigating through these stories. A webcam was on top of the screen during the demo, monitoring my eye movement. This was an incredible addition to the game, one I have … Continue reading


In honor of the first year anniversary of Child of Light, Ubisoft has created an illustrated art book, Child of Light: Reginald the Great. Set in the mythical world of Lemuria, the art book is now available to download as a free PDF from the Child of Light website at Child of Light: Reginald the Great follows the enchanting tale of Robert’s son, Reginald, as he sets out on an adventure to find his life’s purpose. Along the way, he encounters Roberta in a dark, forbidding dungeon. Follow along to find out what awaits Reginald and Roberta in this … Continue reading

Is Microsoft Buying Minecraft?

  Here’s some news that gamers probably didn’t want to hear. It’s been reported by the Wall Street Journal that Microsoft is on the verge of purchasing Notch’s Minecraft IP for over 2 billion dollars.  Both representatives of Mircosoft and Mojang AB, the Swedish software company behind Minecraft have opted to not comment on the potential deal. What does this mean for the future of Minecraft?  Markus Alexej “Notch” Persson, the head of Mojang has historically kept away from the major developers, espousing more of a indie sensibility.  Earlier this year, a version of the reality building game planned for Oculus … Continue reading

Angry Video Game Nerd The Movie Review

On August 2nd,  I attended a screening of Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie. It was held at the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, PA. Check out my thoughts on the movie in this video review.     Check out the trailer And check out all the Angry Video Game Nerd, and check out what  directors/writers Kevin Finn, and James D. Rolfe have to offer at Cinemassacre’s website   .          

Too Many Games!

This past weekend I attended the Too Many Games convention at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center.   It’s a convention that brings the likes of hardcore gamers, game collectors, music, and of course new indie games! I was happy to report that some really awesome games are on the way. All these developers are working hard to make their games, so please support them.  Check out their websites, remember to tell them Geeksville sent you!   Default Dan  Kikiwik Games Its like Mario, kinda…..More like anti Mario!  Great platformer, have to see it to believe it! Britt Briscoe- Project Lead … Continue reading