NYCC 2014 – Powers Panel, Trailer

Its been a long road, but the live action series based on Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming’s creator owned comic Powers will finally début this December.  The show will be the first original series on Sony’s PlayStation Network. The series trailer debuted earlier today at New York Comic Con, on the Empire Stage, and here it is for everyone (Warning, it is NSFW)     Powers is a superhero/police procedural centered on Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley, who was not at the panel) as a former superhero who has lost his powers, and has become a cop.  Alongside Walker … Continue reading

Even Honest Trailers Has to Admit Captain America: The Winter Solider Rocks

  If you are anything like me, you know that even your favorite sci-fi and superhero movies often have flaws, both in concept and in execution, but we tend to ignore them in most cases. but the good folks over at Screen Junkies make it point to remind us, wit their “Honest Trailers” series. Now, with the DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital Download for Captain America: The Winter Solider available, they turn their attention to the Star-Spangled Avenger’s sequel, and realize, “Hey, Cap Kicks Ass“.  But because their job is to be funny,  the do find a thing or two to nitpick about. Let … Continue reading

The Machine in the Ghost: Star Wars Rebels Short

  The Star Wars universe is populated by a diverse assortment of aliens, monsters and the like, but it’s the droids, like R2-D2 that are among the most popular characters. Star Wars: Rebels, the new animated series coming to Disney, has it’s own spunky droid, C1-10P, or Chopper to his friends.  Well maybe he wouldn’t call them friends.  Chopper may be very good at his job, as mechanic of the Ghost.  He is not a what you would call user friendly.  Rebels Exec Producer, David Filoni described the difference between Artoo and Chopper as such  “If Artoo’s your favorite dog, Chopper’s … Continue reading

The Best Mahna Mahna You’ve Ever Seen

Sometimes the internet just knows how to put our favorite things together.  Cake (the band, not the food), the Muppets and Star Wars come together in this fun mix.   The only thing that could make this better is, well, cake. (the food, not the band) Thanks internets!  Hope you enjoy my friends!

Indie Showcase: Nidhogg

I’m excited to show off Nidhogg in our Indie Showcase month Enjoy! Nidhogg is a fast paced sword dueling indie game from developers Kristy Norindrand and Mark Essen, of Messhof Inc. Created in the retro pixel art style, it’s visually impressive. It has 4 challenge areas that vary the play style. Some of the features include a single player arcade mode, 2 player local and online multiplayer, and local tournament mode. It has a ton of games modes including Slow Mode, Low Gravity, and Turbo Mode. It extremely fun game and emphasis on multiplier makes it a blast with friends. … Continue reading