Indie Showcase: Nidhogg


I’m excited to show off Nidhogg in our Indie Showcase month Enjoy! Nidhogg is a fast paced sword dueling indie game from developers Kristy Norindrand and Mark Essen, of Messhof Inc. Created in the retro pixel art style, it’s visually impressive. It has 4 challenge areas that vary the play style. Some of the features include a single player arcade mode, 2 player local and online multiplayer, and local tournament mode. It has a ton … Continue reading

Going Back to Galactica

So, after two years in the making, Battlestar Galactica:Blood & Chrome finally comes to your home, on your computer screen. The 2 hour pilot is now being made available online, as  a 12 part webseries, the first two parts of which are already online via Machininma Prime’s YouTube Channel.  The film, in it’s entirety will air on Syfy in January of 2013. Originally announced by Syfy in October, 2010. A pilot of was shot in … Continue reading

Single White Zombie seeks same. #Rigamortis, a #Zombie Love Story


Zombies are everywhere these days, movies, TV, classical literature, so it was only a matter of time before someone made a Zombie musical. Wait no longer, that time is now. RIGAMORTIS, a Zombie Love Story is now on the web. “After humanity quells an undead uprising, the last two remaining zombies pair up, in search of sanctuary, but instead find love.” As much homage as spoof of the Zombie genre, this ultralow budget production will … Continue reading

Khan in 60 seconds….


Yes, the below video brought to my attention by good friend’s blog tells the entire story of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in less time than it takes to get the original into your DVD player, And it’s done entirely with cardboard and paper puppets! Kudos to Mawgan. who also has a little fun the the MCP in his Tron in 60 seconds short as well.  Enjoy!

Geeksville! – Spring Arrivals – Doctor Who! Battlestar Galactica!

So the Geek has been gone – read the blog for the story – I don’t want to get into that now – Lets talk about the Arrival of Spring and what it brings with it, warm weather, baseball, women in central park wearing sun dresses and the new seasons of Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica! First up- DOCTOR WHO – SERIES 4 He’s back again, the Last of the Time Lords, and his new … Continue reading