Prepare to see your Doom (Dr. Doom that is)

Doctor Doom?

  Two images have hit the webs that have supposedly come out of the usually secretive Fantastic Four shoot.  The two images are of actors working in a green screen room, filming a fight scene.  Hooked up flying rigs, and in special wardrobe for adding CGI effects in post production.  If rumors are to be believed, this is Doctor Doom. That sound you just heard were a million fanboys crying out…   The above image … Continue reading

Dark Horse Star Wars Collections Coming From Marvel


  Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars rang the bell on Dark Horse’s 20+ years of producing comics set a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Beginning in 2015, the license will revert back to Marvel, who produced Star Wars comics from 1977 until 1985. Today news comes from Marvel, that those Dark Horse comics will be represented in their oversized Epic Collection format. The first offering will be Star Wars Legends Epic … Continue reading

Arrow gets a new Katana


  As Arrow’s third season filming gets underway, news comes along that Rila Fukushima (The Wolverine) is replacing Devon Akoi (Sin City) as Tatsu Yamashiro, also know as Katana.  Akoi pulled out due to scheduling conflicts.   Katana will play a major part of the comic book show’s upcoming season.   She will be one of Ollie’s teachers during the time he out of Starling City and believed dead.  It was revealed at the  end of … Continue reading

Not One but Two Clips from this week’s Doctor Who – Into the Dalek!


  BBC America has posted two sneak peaks of this week’s Doctor Who episode INTO THE DALEK! It should go without saying, but spoilers Up first, A Good Dalek? (Yes you read that right) “Yeah, my carer. She cares, so I don’t have to” -  This is Doctor is cold. It is not the first time that in the show’s long history that they explored the idea of Daleks that don’t just want to exterminate … Continue reading

Marvel’s Daredevil Will Have a Darker Tone Than Movies


  Like it did with their cinematic properties, Marvel, in partnership with Netflix , is developing original content featuring some of their characters for the streaming service.  The first series, Daredevil, starring Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock and his crime fighting alter ego is well into production, with series featuring Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist to follow. Ted Sarando, Netflix’s Chief Operating Office, talked about the decision to develop each character in their … Continue reading

Are Call of Duty and Skylanders Coming to a Theatre Near You?


  Activision-Blizzard has its most well-known property, World of Warcraft, already being developed by Universal Studios and it will arrive in theatres in early 2016. However, the video game developer has been hesitant to sell the rights to franchises Call of Duty and Skylanders.  Rather, they may want to keep creative control of the rest of their intellectual properties; and you could hardly blame them.  Call of Duty is one of the most successful franchises … Continue reading

The Ultimate Boba Fett Action Figure


  You’re a Gen-X’er, successful, hard-working, but not happy.  You’re longing for the comfort of your childhood.   But your parents sold all your toys when you went off to college, in a garage sale.   All your actions figures, your mom sold for a quarter each.  Even your favorite, Boba Fett.   30 years later, and the pain has only grown, and there is a hole in your life that only gotten bigger over time.  In … Continue reading

Staff Picks – What To Get This Week, August 27, 2014


        Another week, another Wednesday.  It’s like Christmas 52 times a year!   TOP OF THE STACK Rai #4  – Valiant Comics Writer:  Matt Kindt Art:  Clayton Crain What Valiant says: The most daring comic book launch of the year unleashes a cascade of shocking revelations as Rai rockets toward its second arc! In 4001 A.D., as the nation of Japan soars above the Earth, Rai unravels the mystery of the first … Continue reading

Marvel Celebrates 75 Years With Deadpool Variants

Deadpool - The Merc with a Mouth

  The year of variant covers continues. This time it’s Marvel turn. To celebrate their 75th Anniversary, Marvel Comics is doing a series of variant covers this October, featuring everybody’s favorite mutant merc with a mouth, Deadpool. The anniversary covers will feature Wade Wilson finding himself on  some of the Marvel Universe’s most historic covers.  Of course, he’ll be dropping some his signature fourth wall breaking brand of humor along the way. “We really wanted … Continue reading

The Championships of Cosplay Coming to NYCC this Fall


Cosplay has become one of the biggest attraction in the Comic Convention world.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of fans at any convention you go to, dress as their favorite characters from comic books animation, video games, and live TV & film. A lot of fans do it for fun, but a lot take it very seriously spending a lot of money and time to make the perfect costume.    This year, they’ll have the … Continue reading