Valentine’s Day – Our 10 Favorite Couples in Comics, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is the air. In celebration of the holiday, we count down our favorite couples from comics, science fiction and fantasy.  Is your favorite on the list? Tell us what you think. 10.  The Doctor and the TARDIS  – DOCTOR WHO Some of you would probably say Rose Tyler or River Song, or even Sarah Jane Smith, but none of his traveling assistants ever stay with the Doctor any where near as long as his constant companion, the that temperamental, run-down, borrowed, type-40 time capsule known as the TARDIS. It’s when the TARDIS’ matrix is removed … Continue reading

Exile on Comics – The Pull list 11/18/09

Don’t forget to check out the Read of the Week – FLASH REBIRTH #5 Now on to the Pull List Adventure Comics #4 – BLACKEST NIGHT TIE IN! DC Lead Story: Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates Art: Jerry Ordway & Bob Wiecek Back up feature – Legion of Superheroes Story: Geoff Johns and Michael Shoemaker Art: Clayton Henry Blackest Night goes Meta. Superboy-Prime reads the latest (and the very same)issue of Adventure Comics and discovers he is about to be attacked by Black Lantern Alexander Luthor. So what does he do? Does he review all recent Blackest Night issues to … Continue reading