The Cast of ROGUE ONE Announced at D23

It truly is a great time to be a Star Wars fan. It’s even better if you went to the D23 Expo. Disney shared a whole lot of about what they have coming up Star Wars related.   Now if you were expecting something about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you might have been a little disappointed, but they more than made up for with the first look at the cast for the first Star Wars anthology film, ROGUE ONE with will be at theatres in 2016.  Direct from the set, director Gareth Edwards’, sent this picture.   For those of … Continue reading

First look at the Con Man trailer, from Alan Tyduk and Nathan Fillion

Actors in Sci-fi and fantasy programming can sometimes feel trapped by their past roles.  The thousands of fans who loved their show and characters can sometimes have trouble letting go of the past.  It can be a problem for the actors, too, making them typecasted, not letting them go on to new roles and challenges.   Firefly star Alan Tudyk, along with Nathan Fillion, along with the help of 46,000 fans have created the webseries, Con Man, the story of one such actor, Wray Nerely.  Wray was one of the stars of Spectrum, a short-lived sci-fi show, where he played the … Continue reading

SDCC14 – Firefly Cast Returns for Online Game

  Dust off your browncoats, we are heading back out to the black. It was announced today at Comic Con that MMO based on Joss Whedon’s little show that could, Firefly, will have the entire cast return to voice their characters in the game.  They even got Niska, the nefarious crime lord back. The game was announced at last year’s SDCC.   Players will get to be Captains of their own ship, and set out into the ‘verse, looking for a crew, work and to get paid.  Do what ever it takes to stay flying, be a honest freighter captain, or … Continue reading