Community’s Best Tags

Dan Harmon’s sit-com Community makes it’s debut on Yahoo Screen on Tuesday 3/17, but it ran for 5 seasons on NBC as part of it’s Thursday night line up.   Almost every episode would end with credit tag.  Sometimes they would tie into the episode, other times they were just inspired insanity. They were practically mini episodes that delivered more laughs than full episodes of other so called sit-coms.  They also tended to feature the bromance between Troy Barnes (Donald Glover) and Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi) In honor of the show’s sixth season premiere, we look back at our favorite tags. … Continue reading

The Age of Yahoo Begins, Community Season 6 Trailer

The Darkest Timeline is coming to a close! Community Season 6 is almost here! And we have the trailer! The show, getting ready to make its début with the internet streaming service, took a cue from that other big trailer, so get yourself ready to be blown away at your first look at Community: Age of Yahoo   For those of you who are not familiar with Community, where the hell have you been? It’s the story of the greatest institution of higher learning, Greendale Community College, and the best study group in the world.  Community, created by Dan Harmon, … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day – Our 10 Favorite Couples in Comics, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is the air. In celebration of the holiday, we count down our favorite couples from comics, science fiction and fantasy.  Is your favorite on the list? Tell us what you think. 10.  The Doctor and the TARDIS  – DOCTOR WHO Some of you would probably say Rose Tyler or River Song, or even Sarah Jane Smith, but none of his traveling assistants ever stay with the Doctor any where near as long as his constant companion, the that temperamental, run-down, borrowed, type-40 time capsule known as the TARDIS. It’s when the TARDIS’ matrix is removed … Continue reading