Exile’s Read of the Week – 3/31/10 – Blackest Night #8

BLACKEST NIGHT #8 Story: GEOFF JOHNS Art and Cover: IVAN REIS, OCLAIR ALBERT and JOE PRADO Publisher: DC I thought long and hard about what the RotW was going to be this week but anyone who is following the DCU knows there really isn’t any other choice than Blackest Night #8. The build up to this moment could have led to an enormous let down, as has happened to many recent “event” stories (Final Crisis, … Continue reading

Exile’s Pulllist – A little late – Week of 3/17

Since it took me so long to pick my Exile’s Read of the Week – Booster Gold #30 it took me a bit to get around to my pull list bullet list Here it is Farscape #5 Boom Studios Story: Rockne S. O’Bannon Script: Keith R. A. Decandido Art: Will Sliney I know I usually open with the DC stuff that makes up the bulk of my list. Buy I really wanted to put this … Continue reading


Yes it does seem that the Exile has been exiled from Geeksville. Life has been… interesting…. more about that in Geeky in the City. But I have been shirking my geekily duties, I know.  Maybe it was a winter blah thing, or maybe I am growing up finally?  No that can’t be it.  Maybe I am just tired. I am going to try to fix that. I am getting my drive back, So here’s a … Continue reading

Exile on Comics – Read of the Week – 1/20/10 – Starman #81

Starman #81 A Blackest Night tie in Story: James Robison Art: Fernando Dagnino & Bill Sienkiewicz Cover: Tony Harris Publisher:DC To be honest, this book was on my shortlist for book of the week, between, Fables 92 (King Flycatcher brings Baseball to the homeworlds!) and Farscape #3 (just because that book keeps getting better, and the characters ring true). In my heart, I was really afraid that it was only my list because of my … Continue reading

Exile on Comics – The Pull List – 1/13/10

Wow. Where did this week go? – check out Exile’s Read of the Week THE POWER OF SHAZAM! – OK so this is a little late, sorry. It was a busy week – both in comics, and in the Exile’s life (been reading my other blog? The link is my intro check it out -> if you like reading about my boring life) But you are hear for comics so let’s get to it. Some … Continue reading